The iPhone 6 aims to replace your credit card

Is there anything the iPhone 6 can’t do? Apple seems determined to break another barrier as it works on a wallet system so you can pay for anything straight from your phone.


A report from Recode brings hot news and rumors from the apple camp: a new payment system will be introduced by Apple on their September 9th event. Apparently, the new iPhone will be capable of doing payments just like a credit card, but without having to lug the plastic around. American Express seems to be one of the companies backing apple up, but Recode claims Apple works “with multiple credit card networks”. Other big name who is interested in see this happening would be Visa.

The way it would work is by enabled a short-distance wireless technology on the iPhone 6, deemed NFC (Near Field Communications). Combine this functionality with Apple’s Touch ID technology, and we might be in for one of the most secure systems for your everyday transactions! While this technology already exists and is out there (The Samsung Galaxy S5 can pay at some terminals at Walgreen drugstores), but if Apple get it right, they might be the ones who finally make it big.

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