The New Nintendo 2DS XL is Now Available for Pre-orders

Nintendo is having a terrific year with 2017 with the Nintendo Switch selling over 2.7 million units. The console is all set to breach the 10 million barrier within a year, but Nintendo is not planning on stopping. Their brand new console, the Nintendo 2DS XL, will hit shelves by June and is all set to be the best handheld console ever. You might be wondering why there is a need for another console from Nintendo after the success of the Switch. But the 2DS XL is in a different league poised as a portable handheld console rather than a home console. Here are a few sweet deals on the Nintendo 2DS XL so that you can get your hands on the console before anybody else does!

Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo has had a history of not meeting their demands when a device is released. So, to be on the safer side it is recommended to pre-order the device. The device will be released on July 28th according to the Amazon page.


The 2DS XL is available for £129.99 on Amazon UK. 2 colors are available right now – Black & Turquoise and White & Orange.

Game UK

It is also available to pre-order on GAME UK for a slightly higher price of £132.99.

The launch price of the Nintendo 2DS XL is set to be $150 which is right in between the $80 2DS and $200 3DS XL. So, what are the reasons to buy the Nintendo 2DS XL?

The 2DS XL combines the goodness of the 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL. You can play all the games of 3DS, the new 3DS and most of the DS games on it. The biggest difference between the 2DS and the 2DS XL is the fact that the XL version folds. The screens are now 82% bigger than the ones on the 2DS and there is also a built-in NFC sensor. If you’ve used the 3DS XL, you’ll be right at home when handling the 2DS XL. It is much lighter but feels almost the same in hand when it comes to the ergonomics.

The Nintendo Switch has powerful hardware inside and we are expecting the same with the Nintendo 2DS XL as well. There are 2 card slots. One of which is the microSD card slot and the other is the game slot. The C-stick and ZL/ZR buttons from the 3DS XL have been carried over to the 2DS XL. Only 2 games have been announced, but you don’t need to worry as you can play all your older games on it without any problems. The two games are Hey! Pikmin and Militopia, both of which are extremely addictive. So, will you pre-order the Nintendo 2DS XL? Or will you wait until the device hits stores? Let us know in the comments section below.