The Nintendo Entertainment Backpack

It’s hard to explain what is about the old Nintendo Entertainment System that makes us so happy and nostalgic, but just seeing the Nintendo Entertainment Backpack brings a smile to the face of anyone who played (or still plays) on this console.

Nintendo Backpack

Designed to look like the NES, it comes with awesome custom zipper pulls that look like controllers, with vents, power/reset buttons & controller sockets giving it the complete look of what you might still be playing on, one of the finest gaming machines ever assembled. Who knows, maybe you’re using it to carry the NES itself when going to play at a friend’s house or something like that.

Nintendo Entertainment System Backpack

An officially-licensed Nintendo merchandise, the Nintendo Entertainment Backpack is available for $39.99. It’s big enough to fit small to medium sized laptops you want to carry around, although putting a Lenovo or HP inside a Nintendo item is considered blasphemy, isn’t it? Who knows these days.

The Super Nintendo might soon come out in the backpack form too. It’s so cool that you’ll actually want to go back to school just so you can put it on your back and parade it to your friends. The problem is adults have their reasons to carry backpacks too, although less older people are impressed with this stuff. Guess you need to start hanging out with a young crowd.

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