Turn Your Roomba To A Star Wars R2D2 Cleaning Droid

It was only a matter of time until someone thought of the idea. With a simple vinyl sticker you can turn your Roomba to one heck of a cleaning droid from a galaxy far, far away and creating your very own R2D2 cleaning droid.

irobot star wars decal sticker

Created by Bel & Bel this vinyl sticker is already in high demand but unfortunately it’s not clear on when this sticker will be available for sale and how much it will cost.

R2D2 has more important things to do than cleaning up your house from dog hair and dust, but in his alternative reality, he’s just a mechanical slave to the whims of humans who love it when technology cleans up their house for them.

star wars R2D2 ROOMBA

This vinyl Set can be a great way to geek up your Roomba, giving it an extra Star Wars sparkle and transforming it from a very good cleaning robot into a beautiful cleaning droid. We will definitely keep an eye on this clever sticker and we will update you once it will be available for sale.

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Via gizmodo