The second generation Apple Watch could arrive in 2016

It’s only been a few months since the release of the Apple Watch, but the Apple team can’t stop working on stuff. There are several ongoing rumors about what a next-gen Apple watch could or might include, and many outlets suggest cameras for FaceTime, greater independence from iPhones, and autonomy similar to current models by other companies.

Apple Watch 2

The information came forth from one of the “spies” that more often get it right when it comes to Apple news &  rumors, Mark Gurman. This specialist viralized very interesting information about the current model, and now has put forth new data about the eventual and very likely Apple Watch 2, which could come out during the first half of 2016.

Amongst other tidbits, Gurman revealed that this new watch would use a WiFi connection as to not depend on a smartphone, and that Apple will be working on other high-end devices with prices going well above the $1000 USD.

Apple Watch 1

According to different sources, the Apple Watch was going to be a one of a kind thing for a while, but as Apple realized, “the first few devices are never the best, and the second generation improves in every possible way”. Currently, the Apple Watch can be bought at prices that go in between $350 USD to specialized, high-end premium devices that cost more than $10.000 USD.

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