The new Apple TV is coming out mid-2015

Apple’s set-top box, the Apple TV, is getting a major hardware update this year, and will bring new functionalities to the table.

Apple TV 1

Apple’s set-top box, the Apple TV is set to evolve and get an upgrade, which will be revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), according to the website Buzzfeed, who have in turn gotten this information from inside sources. This new announcement will come along with a new software development kit which will in turn allow the box to run apps via the App Store, similar to the iPhone and iPad.

Ever since the original Apple TV debuted, Apple wanted to bring iTunes content to the users’ televisions but were refocused to do streaming instead – the latest version which dates from 2012. This version already offers access to iTunes and a few apps (namely YouTube and HBO Go), where users can purchase, rent and stream a variety of media. Apple is getting ready to double the bet on this system, though, and have agreed with HBO to release HBO Now on it next month, being the only device where users will be able to watch, for example, the latest Game of Thrones season without traditional cable.

Apple TV 2

Sine its inception, the Apple TV has gone down in price, and is now retailing for $69 USD across stores. Apple seems set on making it relevant again getting ready to launch a service later this year so users can stream shows from major networks such as ABC, CBS and Foxm turning it into a serious contender for Roku or Chromecast. Furthermore, the new Apple TV is coming with its own storage unit (8GB) that will allow users to store and run apps, and even use Siri’s voice control features.

The rest is shrouded in mystery: there is no official date for WWDC 2015, nor details on pricing or compatibility with the rest of the iOS ecosystem. Still, the rumor claims we only have to wait until June to know more…


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