Tommy Hilfiger’s jackets recharge gadgets with solar power

Pick one: being fashionable, or harnessing an endless, renewable source of power for your gadgets. Or, combine both thanks to Tommy Hilfiger. tommy_hilfiger_solar_power-1

Ok, granted, these might not be the latest fashion in Milan and other runways, but if you’re in constant need of power for your endless supply of gadgets, Tommy Hilfiger has got your back. These jackets cost $599 USD, and come in versions for Men and Women. These jackets are equipped with special wear dedicated to collecting energy from a variety of sources: kinetic, solar, or even auditory.


The proceedings from these jackets go to the Fresh Air Fund, a non-profit organization that helps low-income children experience another type of life from what they’re used to by taking trips to the countryside, so whether it’s ugly or not, you’re doing this for the children, not just your gadgets, and that is commendable by itself.


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Via Technabob

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