Aposematic Jacket Records 360-Degree Video in Emergency Situations

Not everybody is able to remember every single detail if they’re assaulted, and that usually happens because of the shock. The Aposematic Jacket does not only record video of the attack in 360 degrees, but it also uploads it to the Web, thus making sure that the attacker does not get away with it.

Developed by Korean collective Shinseungback Kimyonghun, the Aposematic Jacket is a fine example of sousveillance. For the ones unfamiliar with the concept, it refers to the use of wearable tech for collecting data in surveillance environments. More details on this idea are available on the Surveillance and Society website. Even though the number of surveillance cameras meant to “protect” us is ever-increasing, thieves can get away especially if their lawyer points out that the angle the assault was recorded from isn’t that relevant.

The costume itself was designed by Jehee Sheen, and in this proof of concept, it looks like a jacket with many eyes attached to it. Of course, once the group who was developed the Aposematic Jacket are happy with how it works, they could easily adapt it to other clothes. It’s just that walking in such a thin jacket during a cold winter day may not be the most comfortable thing ever.

The Aposematic Jacket is regarded as a wearable computer, and is actually based on a Raspberry Pi. Besides that, the 15 x 60 x 70-inch piece of cloth includes a great number of cameras, a Wi-Fi module, a battery pack and the obvious fabric. Maybe a 3G module would have been more helpful, as not all areas in the world have Wi-Fi. There are plenty of ways this project could be improved, but that doesn’t mean that the concept isn’t worth any appreciation. The jacket is able to warn the thugs, and at the push of a button, it starts recording them in glorious 360 degrees.

[vimeo 104411181 w=640 h=360]

I myself was mugged on the street, at night, almost nine years ago, and the thug who stole my phone back then got away with it. Since there were no witnesses, even if the police caught him, it would’ve been my word against his, and he could’ve walked away without as much as a word in his criminal record. Needless to say, the Aposematic Jacket could have prevented that from happening, and even if the thief went through with his actions, he would have been recorded, caught and hopefully imprisoned.

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