10 Cool Gadgets Every Burger Needs

Everyone loves a good burger! But how do you grill the perfect, most delicious, most juicy, savory burger ever? All of these gadgets will help you! I’ve put together a list of burger gadgets that make grilling burgers a breeze. You’ll soon be biting into a yummy burger!

Wicked Good Burgers Book

Wicked Good Burgershttp://amzn.to/2rEnvoh. This recipe book is dedicated to the meat craft that is making a delicious hamburger. Mmm, just look at that cover image, it’s making me drool just by glancing at it! This book will be sure to delight burger fans everywhere.

Meat Thermometer

Everyone needs a good meat thermometer. You don’t want to catch a disease while cooking right? Not only is this thermometer great for grilling burgers and checking the temperature of the patties, but it’s great for any meat you’re cooking, from steaks to pork chops, to chicken breasts, it’s important you make sure the temperature is high enough so you stay healthy.

Meat Grinder

So this picture grosses me out a little. I’m just not a fan of raw meat, but this tool is incredibly useful. If you’re a frequent meat cooker, you need this in your kitchen. It’ll make your cooking prep process much more simple and quick. You can even use grinded meat to form burger patties!

Garlic Press

Peeling garlic is a pain. Pressing it is a joy! Every seasoned chef knows that a good burger must have seasoning on it to be as delicious as possible. Garlic is a wonderful seasoning that makes burgers taste amazing. It also makes just about anything and everything taste amazing! With this garlic press, you’ll be making great tasting food in no time at all!

Burger Press

Stuffed burgers. Yum. I know regular burgers are already loaded with hundreds, if not thousands of calories, but why not add even more calories if it adds to the deliciousness of the burger? This burger press helps you make stuffed patties for optimal taste. It’s like a gourmet restaurant burger, maybe even better!

Meat Branding Iron

Put your own personal touch on your meat with this meat branding iron. If you’re proud of your burgers and know they’re top notch, put your name on them! Make sure people know exactly which burger expert grilled their meals. They’ll never forget you, and they’ll beg for more yummy burgers.

Burger Night Book

It’s burger night! I wish burger night was every night, but oh boy would I be fat by now. Anyway, if you’re in need of some dinner solutions for every day of the week, this Burger Night recipe book is the book for you. My mouth is watering at that picture. Someone tell me how to make that burger. Never mind, I’ll just buy the book.

Big Book of Burgers

Weber’s Big Book of Burgers is here to give you the ultimate guide to grilling the backyard classic. This is yet another mouth-watering image. These books know exactly how to sell themselves. I’m very tempted to buy it for that picture alone. This book is full of awesome recipes to help you grill the perfect burger. Definitely worth a purchase.

Burger Flipper

Everybody needs a nice burger flipper. Not only does it help you flip burger patties on the grill, but it will help you flip any food! This is a must-have in every kitchen, regardless of your cooking skill level. It just makes everything easier. Ever try to flip something with a spoon or fork? It’s difficult. I’ll say that much.


This handy dandy little gadget shapes, measures, and perfectly adjusts your burger patties so they look as great as possible. For the OCD chef who doesn’t like imperfectly shaped patties, this is a dream come true. It’s tiny and inexpensive, and such a great tool. I’d definitely think about buying it if I was getting ready to grill some amazing burgers!

I hope you found these burger gadgets helpful for your next cooking adventure! Remember, not only are these tools great for burgers, but they’re great for all kinds of meat. Get creative, invent the next big thing in food! Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with something truly incredible! Anyone can be a master chef with just a little bit of help!