Top Ten Nerdy Suitcases

If you are a nerd on the go, why settle for just a regular, run of the mill suitcase, when you can have a suitcase that shows off your geeky personality!

At some point in our lives, we need to go somewhere, and with traveling comes packing, and with packing comes the need for a suitcase. Sure, there are tons of generic black, blue, and brown suitcases floating around stores. But, have you ever been to baggage claim at an airport? First of all, it is a zoo, and second of all, EVERYONE has that generic black, blue or brown suitcase, making finding yours a hassle. Sure, you can dress it up with scarves and ribbons to make yours more noticeable (I opt for neon pink duct tape myself), but what if these things come off in transit. Then you are left with three of the same generic black suitcases in a row. Take the wrong one and you will be looking into someone else’s life in a suitcase. (And hopefully it isn’t too scandalous!) Here are some of the all time best in geeky suitcases!

Bread Slice Suitcase

This sliced bread suitcase is the best thing since…well, sliced bread. If you are a fan of all things bread, this suitcase will show it off AND be easily recognizable in any pile of suitcases. I wonder if there is a peanut butter and jelly carryon case to accompany it. Maybe a fluffernutter bag? (Mmmmm….fluff!)


Apple Mac Suitcase

For all you Mac loving people out there who want to make sure their iMac is not damaged en route, I present to you the Apple Mac Suitcase. You can fit the Mac along with all your favorite Apple accessories. If you are an Apple loving geek, this is a must have accessory for all travels.


Robotic Suitcase

My name is Lily and sometimes (well, a lot of times), I am lazy. Yes, newer suitcases have wheels for easy moving, but I still have to do work, especially when my bags are super heavy and ‘this close’ to being over the weight requirement. One designer opted to use mobile phones, computers, and caterpillar tracks to make a suitcase move all. On. Its. Own. It closely tracks the owner via Bluetooth. If you get too far from the suitcase, don’t worry, the suitcase stops moving and sends a vibrating message to the phone!


Iron Man Armor Suitcase

With armor as strong as Iron Man’s who wouldn’t want a suitcase made of the stuff! You can put all your valuables in it and not matter how much it is thrown around and kicked around, and no matter how many other bags are piled upon it, your items will stay safe.


Suitcase Bike

A lot of people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and are biking from place to place. While this is all well and good, it can be difficult for people looking to transport lots of stuff. Here comes the suitcase bike! Pack your suitcase, strap it onto the bike and off you go!


Suitcase Table

Have you ever thought while traveling, “Now, if only I had a table?” Well, if you are going on cross country trips or staying at an awkward, cheap Motel 6 with no table, just take this puppy out and quickly snap it together. Instant table! Just don’t put it out in the rain!


Go Anywhere Suitcase

Need to go somewhere in a hurry? Have last minute extra luggage you do not know what to do with? This Go Anywhere Suitcase fits in any small crevice but unfolds into a large backpack, able to hold a number of stuff. Keep one with you as you are flying. You never know when your check-in luggage will be overweight and you will need an extra bag for another carry-on.


R2-D2 Suitcase

No list on geeky suitcases is complete without the quintessential R2-D2 suitcase. For Star Wars loving geeks, no collection is complete without this suitcase. It will definitely be noticeable and you will definitely get a few looks. I am not saying what kind of looks, but you will get looks.


Suitcase Chair

A perfect accompaniment to the suitcase table, here is the suitcase chair. Ever wishing you had a chair? Well, keep this sucker in your vehicle and you will have a chair wherever you need it. Going to an outdoor concert and you don’t want to sit on the grass? Carry along the suitcase chair and be the envy of everyone around you!


Gaming Console Suitcase

While you won’t be able to carry around pairs of socks or your toiletries in this suitcase, the Gaming Console Suitcase allows you to bring what is most important, your gaming console of course! You might get a few weird looks from TSA, but while you are waiting for your flight (or train or bus for that matter), rather than reading a book or people watching, play your favorite video games!


Bon Voyage and pleasant journies!