Han Solo in Carbonite Piggy Bank Keeps Your Bounties Safe

Han Solo frozen in carbonite is no longer Boba Fett’s piggy bank. Starting from March 2013, it will be yours, and you will be able to keep in it any bounties you collect.

It certainly is nice to see piggy banks that take a turn from the classic design. The joy is even bigger when the piggy banks I stumble upon have a geeky side to them. There are plenty of Doctor Who-related piggy banks out there, for example, many of them in the shape of Daleks, but you surely don’t get to see everyday a Han Solo in Carbonite piggy bank. This is particularly interesting because Han Solo frozen in carbonite was treated as such by Boba Fett, the famous bounty hunter from the Star Wars saga.

The current offering is not made from carbonite, but from vinyl. Do not expect it to be as tall as Harrison Ford, ehm… I mean Han Solo. This piggy bank measures just around 12 inches in height. It comes with a coin slot and what look like a freezing chamber base. Whoever designed this paid quite a lot of attention to details.

I can’t help but wonder how exactly the designer intended the collectors to get their loose change out, though. Since the piggy bank is made from vinyl, breaking it is surely not an option. Besides, it would be a real pity to destroy such a beautiful piggy bank that is not cheap, either. The only logical method left is to get the coins out through the same hole they went in, but that would be really tedious. Either that, or there is some sort of cap at the base.

The Han Solo in Carbonite piggy bank is available for preorders at Big Bad Toy Store for $23.99, the list price being higher by only $1. Even though some sources claim that these piggy banks will ship in March 2013, the website that sells these mentions that date only as a destination.

If you can think of other geeky banks that you have seen recently, please mention them in the Comments section below, regardless if they are related to Star Wars or not. The Boba Fett piggy bank that was featured a while ago here would certainly look great beside this one, since each pertained to a different side of the Force.

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