San Francisco Pizza Truck Has Wood-Fired Oven

If you live in a major city, street foods offer a cheap and tasty way to grab a bite. San Francisco’s Del Popolo might be the most ambitious in the city’s history.

It’s a complete mobile pizzeria, complete with a wood-fired oven. It’s the brainchild of chef Jon Darsky of San Francisco. The city by the bay is no stranger to food trucks, many of which have a cult following.

Del Popolo truck

Inside of Del Popolo truck

Del Popolo Pizza

“After working at three pizza-centric Bay Area restaurants, I initially thought about opening a traditional restaurant focused on pizza; a place where pizza would be made and served throughout the day, for lunch and dinner,” Darsky told Gizmodo. He found that setting up a mobile truck might work better.

Darsky originally planned to use a standard food truck like the kind you might have seen serving tacos, but it couldn’t support the weight of a  pizza oven. Instead, he used a converted shipping container and mounted that on the back of a big rig. The whole thing weighs 30,000 pounds.

All Del Popolo serves is pizza, which greatly simplifies the menu and makes everything just a little bit more portable. “We have an oven, two sinks, water tanks, a refrigerator, and an iPad,” Darsky said.

If you’re in San Francisco and want to know where the truck is, just follow Del Popolo on Twitter.

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