Commemorate Your Favorite Tweet With Titanium Jewelry

Let’s be honest, we have all had one particularly ego-satiating Tweet, one with the perfect balance of snark, wit and a punned hashtag. Well, thanks to’s Tweet Rings, you can now cherish your memorable 140-character tweet forever with a completely customizable, engraved ring.

Twitter-rings' Titanium Tweet Ring

These stainless steel (among other metals) rings can be created online on the Tweet Rings website, which allows you to include your tweet on one or both sides (You are still limited to 140 characters whether or not you use both sides). Their online tool makes it pretty easy too. Just type in your tweet text, or if you want to find a particular Tweet, you can even type in a hashtag to search for it directly from the ring building page.

After checking your spelling and puns, you can choose one of three ring designs. You can get one made of steel, silver or titanium. They have most ring finger sizes available and glossy finishes, save for titanium which has a matte-finish. I would recommend a particular one if could really tell the difference. They’re all very shiny, but with a different tinge of metal, clearly. If you like dark, go titanium. If you’re on a budget and allergic to nickel, go steel. Steel is also thicker than the others at 6mm instead of 5mm.

Even if you don’t want to engrave an actual Tweet, this wouldn’t be a bad novelty piece of jewelry for a graduation, memento or anniversary of sorts. Use a favorite quote, phrase, or motivation/demotivation slogan. And hey, maybe your Twitter-obsessed fiance to be would like one, “Will U Marry Me <B @baconcat225?!!” On second thought, don’t do that.

The catch is that these items are made in Amsterdam and range from 89 – 109 Euro. But hey, at least shipping is free!

Via: Twitter-Rings