Homemade Fallout 3 Brotherhood of Steel Helmet

Creating props from movies and replicas from video games is nothing new, but it’s always impressive to see somebody’s finished product. This Brotherhood of Steel helmet from Fallout 3 is absolutely jaw-dropping. I’ve seen plenty of Boba Fett helmets, lightsabers, and Halo weapons, but the Fallout stuff is a bit more rare. There are plenty of mods out there, like this incredible Fallout PSP Mod, but the true props manage to be even cooler.

For those unfamiliar with the Fallout universe, the Brotherhood of Steel are essentially a religious group devoted to collecting technological relics of the past. This has resulted them into being technologically advanced, roaming the wastelands in suits of powered armor like post-apocalyptic knights. It’s tough to choose to be at odds with the Brotherhood, because just looking at them makes you want them on your side rather than pointing their laser Gatlings at you. Replicating the armor would be an epic feat, and even creating a duplicate of one of the helmets must have been daunting, but Josh Jay managed to do the latter perfectly.

In his Facebook galleries, he posted pictures of the process, starting with its humble and unremarkable beginnings. As more time was put into the project, everything really began to come together, and there was no doubting that this was indeed a Brotherhood of Steel helmet. Once he finished the final details, well, it turned out as perfect as it could get aside from actually being operational. Sure, in the event of a cataclysmic war, this helmet won’t protect you from dangerous nuclear fallout or poisonous gases, but you can rest assured that you’d die looking like a total badass.

The pictures below are just a few choice examples of the many photos he took, and all of them really manage to show just how much time, effort, and love for the source that he put into this helmet. For other homemade helmets, don’t miss the Daft Punk Helmet or this Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet.

Brotherhood of Steel Helmet Early Stage

Brotherhood of Steel Helmet Final Product

Brotherhood of Steel Helmet and Raincoat

Brotherhood of Steel Helmet Finished Shot

Brotherhood of Steel Helmet Christmas Spirit

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