Twitter: Two More Execs Jump Ship, Is the Company in Turmoil?

After a recent spate of employee departures, yet more executives have left Twitter citing concerns with the company’s future.

Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo gestures during a conference at the Cannes Lions

With over 250 million active users, Twitter is an incredibly big deal. Brands are leveraging the micro-blogging service to hawk wares, find friends and help alleviate customer problems, making the service fantastic not just for consumers but for companies too.

The problem with this that Twitter has been struggling to capitalise on its potential for some time. Twitter was floating on a precarious ad-free raft in the middle of an ocean before instating promoted tweets and Twitter trends not too long ago.

But is this enough? For many investors, Twitter’s revenue just isn’t big enough as although the site’s recent Q3 earnings call showcased a $361 million income during the timeframe, slow user growth is holding the site back. That could be why yet more executives have jumped ship, looking for greener pastures.

The latest people to leave Twitter are Jeremy Gordon, the vice president of engineering, and Adam Kinney, a senior manager who led Twitter’s analytics team. Both Gordon and Kinney have tweeted about their departures but as you would expect, it’s niceties all round with both former Twitter employees saying that it’s time to move on to new things.

So what is the real reason for their departure then? Both men were incredibly vital pieces to the Twitter puzzle; Gordon was a big part of the product development side of things and led a team of 400 people, while Kinney was a well-liked and respected director-level engineer. But according to sources, their status within the company couldn’t diminish the fact that they are concerned about the company’s vision and where the site is heading in the future.

A lack of belief in the company that employs you is as good a reason as any to quit but with Twitter having already lost two high profile execs (COO Ali Rowghani and Vice President of Media Chloe Sladden) earlier in the year, they’ll want to turn things around quickly. It’s not yet clear how Twitter will do that or if they have big plans in the pipeline, preparing for announcement, but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: CNBC

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