Save an Extra 15% on VPN Services at Walyou Deals

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Geoblocking or geolocking is the practice of blocking content accessible on the Internet if the user is not part of a company’s demographic, or if a certain country’s copyright laws prevent that particular content from being accessed. VPNs (virtual private networks) can go around this problem and make it look like you’re accessing the content from the right region, regardless if you’re using a computer or a mobile device. The VPN services sold by Walyou Deals are already discounted, but with a coupon code that’s valid today only, you can lower those prices even more, by an extra 15%. Two of the services that are definitely looking into are PureVPN and Getflix, and while each of them focuses on different types of content, they ultimately achieve the same goal, of unlocking the Web for people from all over the world.

As its name suggests, Getflix focuses on providing access to video streaming services that don’t typically work outside of the US. Some of these services include Netflix and Hulu, but Getflix is actually able to unblock more than 100 streaming channels so that you can get unlimited entertainment options. Have these names piqued your interest, yet? If so, learn that a lifetime subscription to Smart DNS Proxy’s service includes access to more than 50 VPN nodes, so that you can always get the best network performance.

Online radio, TV, sports and movie channels that you previously couldn’t access simply because you were in the wrong country, are now available to you thanks to Getflix, and all that under 256-bit SSL encryption. A lifetime subscription to Getflix is $39, 88% off the original price ($330), but today you can get it for $33.15 using the coupon code found at the end of this post.

PureVPN, which also comes with a lifetime subscription, allows you to connect to blocked content with up to 5 devices simultaneously. Assuming that you own a Wi-Fi router that allows you to add VPN settings to the network connection, you could do that so that all the devices that connect wirelessly to your network act as a single one. Besides that, you can use any type of device running Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Linux, along with Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

The service relies on 550+ servers from 141 countries to give you access to previously unaccessible websites and streaming services. As in the case of Getflix, all traffic is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about others checking out your streaming history. On Walyou Deals, PureVPN costs $69, 88% off the original price of $597, and today you can buy it for $58.65 using the below coupon.

To see which VPN services you can get besides Getflix and PureVPN, go to Walyou Deals, and apply the coupon code VPN15 to benefit from the additional discount.

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