Keep Your Hands Warm with Knitted Touchscreen Gloves

Since touchscreens can’t be used while wearing conventional gloves, using a smartphone or tablet on cold winter days typically involves removing them or leaving them at home altogether. The knitted touchscreen gloves currently featured on Walyou Deals solve that problem and enable you to use your mobile gadgets without having to freeze.

Found in the Lifestyle category of our store, Walyou Deals, these knitted touchscreen gloves made by TRNDlabs leave you no excuse not to use your smartphone while outside in the cold. It should be noted that the gloves aren’t only for people who play mobile games in the outdoors while waiting on others, but also for as simple applications as answering the phone or texting.

Style, comfort and technology go hand in hand at TRNDlabs, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the touchscreen gloves tick all those boxes. They are extremely comfortable to wear, not to mention that it’s a double-layer design for extra warmth. You won’t have to give up on warmth and comfort when using your smartphone with these gloves, as that’s exactly what they were designed for.

Taking photos while wearing conventional gloves is basically impossible, and there are plenty of things to photograph while being out and about. Many tourist destinations look spectacular in the winter, and a pair of gloves shouldn’t stand in the way of a memorable moment.

TRNDlabs claims that these knitted gloves work perfectly fine with any type of touchscreen, so it really doesn’t matter if your device features a resistive or capacitive one. Most mobile devices feature the latter type nowadays, but it’s nice to see the manufacturer hasn’t excluded the older variety.

As seen in the below image, the side covering the palms is made out of a gripping material, meaning that there’s no chance of your smartphone or tablet slipping from your hands while using it with these gloves. Add this to the previous advantages of the product and you’ll realize this is product that’s extremely convenient to use.

The heavy-grade acrylic blend (60% Acrylic / 40% Elastic Silver Threading) makes the gloves both durable and stretchy, meaning that they won’t feel stiff at all. The gloves only come in black, but that color (or rather non-color) goes well with anything, so you shouldn’t have any problems matching them to the rest of your clothes.

The knitted touchscreen gloves are available for $9.99 at Walyou Deals, 75% off their retail price. Keep in mind that they come in two different sizes, so you have to choose between Medium/Large and Small/Medium before placing the order. Our store will feature the gloves for five more days since press time, so take advantage of this offer now, if you want to conveniently use your phone in the winter without having to endure the cold.

Our store provides free shipping to the US and several other countries for the knitted touchscreen gloves, and given the small value, chances are you won’t have to pay any import taxes when they arrive.

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