15 Weird & Unusual Prom Dresses

High School Kids and soon to be high school parents – Don’t make these mistakes when it’s your turn to buy a dress for yourself, your girlfriend or you girl. It might be fun during the first few moments when everybody wows and stares at you, but trust me – Weird prom dresses are remembered forever, and not in a good way.

The Keyboard Dress

Girls who like people to press on their B, O and S buttons.

Pikachu Prom Dress

Starburst Dress

This dress, made of Starburst wrappers, took six years to make. It also included high heel shoes and a purse to go along with the candy dress.

Bubble Wrap Dress

Some girls love it when people just come over and pop things on their body.

The Doritos Prom Dress

Newspaper Prom Dress

Remember – If you catch someone gawking at your inappropriately, he just might be catching up on the weather.

Camouflage Tent Prom Dress

Not sure if this is real or not, and it certainly doesn’t look like she can actually go to the prom like this, but the idea deserves a thumb up or two.

The Creepy Prom Dress

The Double Trouble Combo

Fighting for Gay Rights (???) Prom Dress

The Hurts in Your Eyes Kind

Prom Dress With Eyes

Larger Than Life Dress

The One That’s an Open Sexual Invitation