X-Men Themed Lego Set Is Mind-blowing

The X-men’s home in Westchester gets a revision in Lego form, and might even become an official set in the near future, if it garners enough support.

Lego X-men 1

The ‘cerebro’ behind this incredible idea is no other than Glen Bricker, a Lego and X-men enthusiast, and he’s proposing it even as an official set on which you can vote and eventually see it made, Lego and Marvel willing. See more pictures (and vote!) of the LEGO X-Men X-Mansion, in here.

Lego X-men 2

Lego X-men 3

The complete mansion not only includes X-men figurines and regular rooms but also more specific rooms that fans might be familiar with such as the Danger Room, Xavier’s office or the kitchen, AKA, wherever Wolverine stores his beer.

Lego X-men 4

Lego X-men 5

Lego X-men 6

Source: Super Punch

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