10 Coolest Ice Pop Molds & Makers for Summer 2017

Summer is almost upon us! Can you believe it’s so close? Many people are finishing up semesters of college and high school, and many are just simply excited for all the great times summer brings. From relaxing at the beach or pool to binge watching Netflix shows, to camping and hiking, summer is a chance to soak in the sun and have tons of fun. Of course, with summer, comes ice pops! You’ll likely need a nice cool-down at some point this summer, and now it is your chance to have the coolest snacks at the pool with all these amazing ice pop molds!

Happy reading and happy almost summer!

Zoku Space Pop Molds with Rockets and Astronaut,6 pops

Ground control to Major Tom. These ice pop molds have a space theme which makes them pretty stellar. I love that there are a variety of shapes in this pack, so everyone will find their favorite.

Tovolo Rocket Pop Mold, Orange – Set of 6

Rockets! That’s rockin’ am I right? Besides the awesome shape, I just love the color of these molds. That bright orange really pops, perfect for an ice pop, and they probably won’t get lost in your kitchen.

Tovolo Robot Pop Molds – Set of 4

We’ve seen a couple of space themes, now how about a robot theme? I can imagine these molds would be a huge hit at a child’s birthday party. (Or an adult’s, who am I to judge?)

Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker by ThinkGeek

My favorite on this list, not only because I’m a big Star Wars fan, but because of the lightsaber handles. When you actually make the ice pop, you end up with an edible lightsaber! If that’s not the coolest thing ever, I don’t know what is. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you’ve got to admit these ice pop molds are the best in the galaxy.

NUOP Swordsicles

Wow, so many creative ice pop molds. Why didn’t my mom have any of these when I was a kid? Anyway, these molds are shaped like swords! Perfect for a pirate party, probably not perfect for an elementary school party. (You know how schools are crazy about anything that even looks like a weapon.)

Mastrad A47221 Ice Pop Molds, White Base

Aww, these molds are adorable. I love the swirlyness. Is swirlyness a word? Swirliness? Whatever, these are just the cutest and I can’t get over it.

Lekue 4 Unit Stackable Ice Lollipop Mold

So these might be the most ordinary ice pop molds on the list, but that doesn’t mean they’re not just as fun! They’re stackable, which is a great space saver for all of you who like to hoard kitchen supplies. Believe me, if I was rich, my kitchen would be filled to the brim with stuff. I’d probably have a collection of owl salt shakers or something.

Popsicle Molds Set –  6 Ice Pop Makers by Lebice

These ice pop molds remind me of watermelon, which is probably the point. They’re darling and definitely put me in a summer mood. Anyone up for a watermelon flavored ice pop?

Guitar Ice Cream Popiscle

These molds are rocking and rolling. For the rock star within you, these would be great for a party or an outdoor summer concert. I’d love to lay out a picnic blanket and listen to some great music while eating some great guitar-shaped ice pops.

Cuisipro Sailboat Pop Mold – 837440 by Cuisipro

I’ll admit, I’ve never been on a sailboat. They look kind of boring, since they’re pretty slow. I’m more of a speed boat kind of girl, but sail boats are far cuter than speed boats. And I imagine there’s something calm and relaxing about sitting on a sail boat while a cool breeze dances around you… Ah, I’m falling asleep now. Give me an ice pop to stay awake!

Did you find the ice pop mold of your dreams? I know I did! Star Wars ice pop mold, I’m coming for you! (And maybe the rest too.) I hope you eat lots of ice pops and have the best summer ever.