10 Must Have Mario Plush Toys

We all remember growing up and playing Mario games. I used to sit in front of the TV playing Super Mario World. I have such great memories with so many games from the Mario series. Mario Party, Mario Bros, Mario 64, the list goes on and on. Of course, I had to make a list of some of my favorite Mario plush toys, because what’s better than playing a Mario game? Cuddling an adorable Mario plush!

I hope you find one you fall in love with! And if you don’t, you can see many more cute little plushies here! There’s so many to pick from!


Yoshi is my favorite Mario character. He’s the coolest dinosaur of any video game, as well as the cutest character period. (okay, except maybe Kirby. I should write an article about Kirby…) Gosh, Yoshi is adorable, look at that face. Even when he’s devouring enemies…he’s still adorable.


This wouldn’t be a Mario list without the famous plumber himself! The mustachioed man is one of our favorite heroes ever and he sure does look good as a plush. I don’t know how I’d feel about cuddling with him at night though, seems a bit inappropriate.


One of the most iconic villains ever, Bowser is now in plush form, looking decidedly less evil, and decidedly more precious. Would he be annoyed if I called him precious? Probably, so don’t let him hear me.


I always found great joy in jumping on these guys’ shells. Does that make me a sadist? Nah, they were baddies. Cute bad guys, but bad guys nevertheless. And they look even cuter as a soft plush. I don’t want to jump on them anymore.


I saw a Toad purse at the store the other day. It was shaped like his head and I wanted it so badly. Alas, I did not have the $20 required. Some other day maybe, or maybe I’ll buy this darling little plush. Or all the Toad merch, because besides Yoshi, I think Toad is the cutest character in the Mario series.


So Luigi is a bit less famous than his brother Mario, but he’s still one cool Italian man. I don’t really understand why he isn’t as famous, I mean, he’s just as important as Mario. Without Luigi, who knows how much trouble Mario would be getting into. I freaking love Luigi, and by the way, Luigi’s Mansion, a game where he is the star, is an amazing game. Play it and tell me that Luigi isn’t as cool as Mario.


There used to be a Mario party game on the Nintendo DS (before the 3DS) and it was packed full of some of my favorite mini-games ever. There was one called “Call of the Goomba,” that pops into my head every time I think about goombas. It was one good game. And this is one good plush. (Now I want to play that game again.)


Believe it or not, as a young kid playing Super Mario World, the levels with ghosts would always scare me. It’s funny what used to scare me; now that I’m looking back, all I can do is laugh. Boo is now one of the best characters for me. I love how his tongue sticks out.

Coin Box

Although this plush is not technically a character, I think the coin box is such an iconic part of the series that it pretty much is a character in of itself. I don’t think anyone can forget that little “brrring” sound it made every time Mario hits one of the boxes. I love this plush because it has a zipper, so it really is a box. I’d love to store stuff in it!

Mario in Tanooki Costume

How many times have I used the word “cute” in this article? Not enough times, because look how cute this plush is! I absolutely adore Mario wearing this Tanooki costume. I know it looks like a racoon, but it’s actually a Japanese animal and “tanooki,” means “raccoon dog.” Cool right?

Hey, I just realized Princess Peach is not on this list. The princess is another castle I suppose?
Go search for her!