10 Trendy Tech to Get Your Dad for 2017 Father’s Day

What better way is there to thank your Dad on this 2017 Father’s Day than gifting him a trendy tech accessory? Tech has become a rampant part of our lives and staying updated is the best thing to do to get the best out of the tech world.

Rather than letting your old man play catch up with the tech market, gift him one of these amazing trendy tech accessories and make this 2017 Father’s day a memorable time.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer


There is nothing more precious than memories imprinted on pictures which help you relive them every time you look at it. Though smartphones seem to be the best answer to anything that needs a portable nature, having a portable photo printer is sure to be one of the best things your Dad can have this 2017 Father’s Day. The HP Sprocket is a portable photo printer that churns out 2 x 3-inch pictures which are present on the paired smartphone. Paired using Bluetooth, the OS and version have absolutely no hold on the printer’s capabilities. Simply install the Sprocket app, pair your device, add personal touches if any and begin printing.

Samsung Gear VR

Gift your Dad the gateway to virtual reality this 2017 Father’s day with the Samsung Gear VR. Powered by Oculus, the Gear VR has dedicated back and home buttons with a dedicated touchpad. It supports wide field viewing, precise head tracking and low latency that add a dimension of believable reality to the virtual reality. The VR gear is also equipped with an accelerometer, a gyro meter and a proximity sensor that is capable of detecting Gear mounting and removal. The Gear VR is micro USB compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 and higher variants and the Galaxy Note 5. The device also comes with a library of premium content that is sure to keep your Dad entertained for a long time.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 26


Though smartphones and portable printers certainly can get the job done when it comes to the photography department of your dad’s interests, there is nothing that can replace the pleasure of an old-fashioned Polaroid with the latest technical spin. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 26 is in every way the technically uber Polaroid that has a selfie mirror, dual shutter buttons for horizontal and vertical ease of capturing images and a close-up lens. The Polaroid is also equipped with brightness controllers that can adjust the light in every picture and give it a great finish.

Libratone ZIPP Multi-Room Portable Speaker


Spoil the audiophile in your Dad this 2017 Father’s day by gifting him the Libratone ZIPP Multi-Room Portable Speaker. Equipped with 100 watts of power and offering a 360-degree immersive experience, the speaker is worth its value in gold! The Libratone ZIPP is capable of pairing with 6 extra ZIPPs to be the perfect portable home theater or stream music across multiple rooms or even outside. With 10+ hours of battery backup and compatibility with smart devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Libratone ZIPP requires no special apps for pairing. It also has a carrying handle, an intuitive touch, and speakerphone facilities.

Sony XB95OB1



If your dad would rather listen to music privately in his own luxury and time, then the best gift you can give him is the Sony XB95OB1. With up to 18 hours playback time in a single charge and one of the best low-frequency responses for extra bass, this wireless headset is sure to be one of the best trendy tech accessories you can gift your dad. The Headphones comes in a choice of black, red and blue colors and has a built-in mic that will aid in attending calls over the wireless headset. The headphone connects through Bluetooth, NFC and LDAC. Install the dedicated app Headphones Connect App from Sony to get the perfect settings for every song with controls that can be easily tweaked.

Fitbit Charge 2











Looking for the right gadget to push your dad to an active lifestyle this 2017 Father’s day? Your search ends here! The Fitbit Charge 2 comes with the purepulse continuous technology that measures calorie burn and heart rate throughout the day. The heart rate zones can be set on fat burn, cardio and peak to maximize workouts and plan an efficient regimen. The wristband also comes with an OLED display that gives text, call and calendar notifications along with a silent vibrating alarm that helps measure sleep and wake time.

Jabra Elite









If your dad is already into the active lifestyle and even has a fitness tracker with him, then help him set the pace for his workout regimes with the Jabra Elite running ear buds. The Jabra Elite is the best running companion you can get your dad this 2017 Father’s day. With an excellent broad range frequency response that gives surreal audio experiences, the earbuds also come equipped with a waterproof design and warranty for 3 years. With a charge holding capacity for 3 hours and an additional 3 hours when used with the charging case, the Jabra Elite also has an in –ear heart rate monitor and fitness tracker.

Kindle Paperwhite














If your dad is one of those people who love to lose themselves in books during a well deserved period of relaxation, then the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite would be an ideal gift for him. With 300 ppi (one of the highest resolutions in the market), the 6” glare-free display has an adjustable backlight option that enables the reader to read day and night in the best way. With weeks of battery life and literally thousands of books to choose from, the e-book reader is also Wi-Fi enabled to make sure the list of books to read truly remains everlasting.

Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigator

If you are on the lookout to gift your dad a GPS Navigator to simplify traveling for him, then the Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigator is a great choice. The Garmin Nuvi has a 5-inch display with dual orientation for easy destination locating and driving. It is pre-loaded with detailed maps that include malls, restaurants, airports and even traffic signals! It also comes equipped with Lane Assist, Junction views, and school zone warnings.

WD 8TB Cloud personal storage



Exclusively for the tech geeky dads out there, WD’s 8TB Cloud personal storage device a centralized home storage facility. It not only backs up the data of all connected devices but also can be accessed anywhere provided there is an internet connection. Completely secure and fitted with a USB 3.0 expansion port, the device also has a 2-year warranty.