10 Best Foosball Tables for 2020

There’s nothing like an exhilarating game of foosball after a tiring day at work or after a couple of beers with friends. The fast pace of the game alongside the cheering of friends and family is nothing short of amazing. This season, with the pandemic looming large, stay home and get one of the best 10 foosball tables for 2020. Whether you’re living with your friends or family, these tables are sure to be a hit. Also, if you haven’t checked our review of the iPhone 12 yet, here is the link to it. Without boring you further with all the talk, let’s get straight into it. Here is our pick of the best foosball tables for 2020.

1. Giantex 20-inch Mini Table-Top Foosball

The first one on our list of the best 10 foosball tables for 2020 is from Giantex. It is not a full table, but a table-top version that you can easily put on top of any table at home. The great thing with this is that it is pretty cheap in comparison to the full tables and it gets the job done. It consists of four 3-man rods, a scoring post on either side, and the goal boxes obviously. It uses MDF for its construction and comes with 2 balls.

Giantex 20-inch Mini Table-Top Foosball

2. Mainstreet Classics 20-inch Table-Top Foosball

This one too is similar to the 20-inch version from Giantex. Both these boards are mostly meant for kids because of the low price and the quality of construction. Foosball can get pretty aggressive and better boards for that sort of a game is given down below. This 20-inch table-top foosball also has four 3-man rods for a total of 12 players, the manual score sliders, and the goal boxes.

Mainstreet Classics 20-inch Table-Top Foosball

3. Giantex Foosball Table

We are upping the game a bit here. This is a mini foosball table from Giantex. The reason we call it mini is not because of the size of the actual table, but the legs. It is larger than the two boards we’ve already seen coming in at 27-inches. There are six 3-man rods in this one, giving a total of 18 players (9 on each team). The steel rods are pretty sturdy and the whole board uses MDF. The edges are smooth, so it won’t pose a threat to small children.

Giantex Foosball Table

4. WIN.MAX Mini Foosball Table

This table-top foosball is a 20-inch version but a slightly more expensive variant in comparison to the two we’ve already seen. It uses a slightly thicker MDF and iron rods which are completely coated with black paint. They have nicer handles too. The rest of the specs remain the same with four 3-man rods, the manual score slider, and the goal boxes on either side. It does not come fully assembled, but they have a tool as well as an instruction manual to help you with the whole process.

WIN.MAX Mini Foosball Table

5. Sport Squad FX40 40” Table Top Foosball Table

Till now, we’ve seen foosball tables that are less than 30-inches in size. From here on out, it is time for the big players. This 40-inch foosball table from Sport Squad is one of the best 10 foosball tables for 2020. It has six 3-man rods which are chrome-plated. The handles are really nice with rubber grips. The goal boxes have a different design in that they’re not concealed, but out in the open with the design of an actual net that you see behind goalposts. Two foosballs come with the package and this one uses MDF for its construction too.

Sport Squad FX40 40-inch Table Top Foosball Table

6. Goplus 48″ Foosball Table

This is the first full table that we have on our list of the best 10 foosball tables for 2020. It has 22-players in total in a 5-3-2-1 formation. It is very sturdy for a table that comes in just over 100 bucks and the assembly will take an hour probably. There are cup holders which is a nice addition. The usual manual score slider and the goal boxes are all there. Please not to orient the players in the right direction while assembling otherwise the whole process will need to be done again.

Goplus 48-inch Foosball Table

7. Best Choice Products 48-Inch Competition Sized Foosball Table

This is a very similar product to the one we saw above. It is the same 48-inch full table that comes with 22 players in total in the same 5-3-2-1 formation. It even has the cup holders. The steel rods are chrome coated and it uses composite wood for its construction. There is a slight difference in color. People who want a more natural-looking wood finish can opt for this one. The previous foosball table has the more artificial look to it that is seen on a lot of MDF boards.

Best Choice Products 48-Inch Competition Sized Foosball Table

8. KICK Liberty 48? Black Foosball Table

KICK has some of the best wooden tables KICK has some of the best foosball tables in the market. It is a no-brainer that we would recommend them. There are a few things that you need to know. There’s a lifetime warranty on their foosball tables. They give a free rod lubricant upon request. The handles are wooden. Overall, it is a sturdy foosball table from a reliable brand.

KICK Liberty 48-inch Black Foosball Table

9. Barrington 56 Inch Premium Furniture Foosball Table

This might just be our favorite in our list of the best 10 foosball tables for 2020. It looks like a really premium table that you would find at an office. The legs have a square design the whole table has a dark brown coffee shade that looks like mahogany or rosewood. There are two additional crossbars along the legs for reinforcement. There are 26 players in total and they look futuristic. Unlike the traditional red/blue combination, the players come in black and silver.

Barrington 56 Inch Premium Furniture Foosball Table

10. KICK Triumph 55? Black Foosball Table

Lastly, we have the KICK Triumph and this literally triumphs over the others. It weighs a whopping 119 lbs and that directly equates to the quality of the materials. The bearings are premium and this can be seen from the smooth movements of the rods. This one also has 26 players in total and like with all foosball tables from KICK, it comes with a lifetime warranty, free rod lubricant, and super-fast shipping.

KICK Triumph 55-inch Black Foosball Table