11.11 Singles Day 2017 – Best Tech Deals To Grab on Aliexpress

The Chinese Singles’ Day is upon us. This is basically the Aliexpress holiday, and we are here to join the party!

For only 24 hours the popular Chinese site is offering some really great deals. Over the years we learned that the best deals are the ones offered by the Chinese brands. This is totally a great kick-off for those upcoming crazy shopping days, so get your credit cards in order and free some time and let’s start off our list with probably the best deal out there the Mi Xiaomi phone.

Global Version Xiaomi Mi A1 MiA1 – 20% OFF

The Xiaomi phone has come a long way, what started as a gimmick affordable choice, turned out to be one of the best and functional phones you can get. Just for the next 10 hours, you can get this phone with a 20% discount.

Anker SoundCore Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – 20% OFF

A powerful speaker that is easily connected with your echo? Yes, please. You can grab this sweet deal just for today for $26.5.  These speakers are sold in a small batch so hurry up and secure yours.

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush – 30% OFF

Another great find by Xiaomi. The Mijia Toothbrush can be a great gift for the upcoming holiday season. With wireless charging and 30% OFF for the next 10 hours, this is a fine deal!

Ugreen 20000mah Power Bank – 40% OFF

This lighting power bank is going to be your phone’s best friend, Take it anywhere to make sure you are never out of battery again, With a 40% off discount, this is a great deal to grab. This power bank is MFi certified which means it is authorized by Apple to produce external accessories, it has a high-density cell energy simply plug and charge.

DEKO Drill  – 44% OFF

This DEKO drill is all about comfort and control. With an ergonomic handle and a high performing motor, this is a great tool to have around the house.


YI 4K+(Plus) Action Camera – 20% OFF

Go hands-free and enjoy your adventure with this 4k/60fps action camera. Just in time for your next ski trip. this camera uses the newest Amba H2 SOC and runs on extremely low power while delivering HD videos. You can get it now for 20% off. 


USB Charging Anti-Theft Backpack

After all of these gadgets shopping, you are going to need a cool place to store all of them. This bag is a fantastic bag, featuring a modern slick look and an anti-theft design, while also providing you a very cool tech feature, built-in USB charger! Today you can get it for 60% off, we definitely saved the best for last.