11 Eye-Candy Pikachu Bed Sheets

Admit it or not, Pokemons are just some of the cutest anime characters – is not the most – that’s worthy to be engrossed with. And while there’s so much Pokemons, Pikachu has gotten the fame. If Pikachu was real I could just consider it as a house pet. But since it’s not, the closest thing we Pokemon geeks could do is don our houses with some touch of that Pikachu vibe.

One nice idea is to make your bedroom more attractive the Pikachu way! Why not start with your bed? After all that is the core of your room and where you spend most of the time in that space of your house. And there’s just no better way to beautify it but by using cover designs that’s close to your heart: Pokemon!

Pokemon Big Pika Twin or Full Comforter with Pillow Shams

As I’ve said, a true Pokemon fan will never fail to not have a Pikachu item in his collection. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a bedding set like this, being the cute character that Pikachu is? This Pokemon bedding set comes with set pillowcase and a comforter with a big and jolly Pikachu in it.

Pokemon Bed in a Bag

Why bed in a bag? Well, simple: the bag you buy will include most of the things, if not all, you would need in your bed. Plus, It’s a Pokemon design, so you’ll get everything you’ll want for your sheets. This Pokeball and Pikachu-inspired bed set include a bed sheet, duvet cover, a pillowcase, plus another Pikachu decorative pillow!

Pikachu Bedding Set For Girls

Or, here’s another fun Pikachu-designed bedding for the girls. That touch of pink and yellow is such an eye-candy it will draw you to your bed right away! This Pokemon bedding twin set is almost complete as it comes with a bed sheet, pillowcase and bolsters case.

Pikachu Bedding Set For Boys

Looking for something for the boys? Here’s one Pokemon bedding for kids that’s tailored for the boys. Oh I bet that the attractive Pikachu design, plus the cute outer space backdrop will surely make it easier for moms and dads to bring them to bed.

Pokémon Rotary Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

But also, why just choose one Pokemon, when you can have more? Gotta catch them all, right? Well them. Here’s a Pokemon bedding set that brings together Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and Evee. The duvet cover is reversible, which means you’ll get to have two designs in one cover. The other side offers the same cute Pokemon characters in a slightly different pattern. It also comes with a pillowcase set!

Pokemon Go Catch Single Duvet Cover Set

Remember those Pokemon Go addiction days? Maybe, just maybe you’re not totally over the game yet. Or if you are totally done with the game, I’m sure you still love Pokemon by heart. So why not get this Pokemon duvet cover for your room and cover yourself with Pokeballs. Although do not take that too literally. On top of that, you can get a cute-designed pillowcase with no less than Pikachu!

Pokemon Three-Piece Twin Sheet Set

If you’re looking for a more toned-down design for your twin bed, this is a perfect one for you! This Pokemon bedding set is for people who just want a design that’s soft on the eyes: white and clean with the cute and simple Pikachu and Pokeball patterns. The bedding set even comes with a duvet cover and a blue pillow case. I don’t know about you, but I think this duvet cover pillow design is a cool contrast to accentuate your bed.

Twin Bedding set with Pikachu, Froakie and Fennekin

This time, a bedding set for the kids, or even the kids at heart, of course. Pikachu is joined by the other Pokemons Froakie and Fennekin to bring together a more fun and colorful design. With this Pokemon bedding twin set, you’re all covered – literally and figuratively – as it comes with a bed set, pillow case, bolster case and duvet cover, complete with that funky bed design for your kiddo.

Pokémon Pikachu Reversible Cover for Single Bed

We just can’t get enough of Pikachu so here’s another Pokemon bedding set that offers another reversible design. It has a duvet cover that shouts “pika pika pika chu” on one side and another set of cute Pikachus on the other side.

Bright Yellow Pikachu bedding set

This one shouts a bright yellow, as bright as your character or the sunshine in the morning, perhaps? If you get this set, you’ll have a smiling and a winking Pikachu with you in bed, dozens of Pokeballs, and comfort of sleep, of course. This Pokemon bedding twin set comes with a bed sheet a pillow case and a bolster case, making you all geared up for the night!

Pokemon Electric Ignite Sheet Set

With patterned silhouettes of Pikachu and the Pokeballs to be donned all over your bed, this one’s a little hip, Interestingly, you can even pick between a Pokemon bedding full set or a twin set and get an additional pillow case for the full set for additional Pikachu cuteness!