12 Soft & Huggable Pokemon Pillows

We all know that Pokémon GO has caused a tremendous craze last year – walking to different places in attempts to catch the strongest Pokemon and win battles in every gym possible.

The mania may have already died down, but for true blue Pokémon geeks, the love for these cute characters does not stop there. After all, who could stop adoring such cute characters? To continue the Pokemon fandom, here are some nice pillows with your favorite Pokemon characters that you can collect to add some spunk to your bedroom or living area. I bet even those who are not huge followers of the game could even want to grab these!

Pokemon Choose Pika 16-inch character pillow and 40×50 fleece throw

Show your love for Pikachu getting a matching pillow and blanket that shouts your Pokemon geekiness. Look at those Pikachu faces. I don’t know about you but I’m crazy over this Pokemon’s cuteness! On top of that, there’s a pocket at the back of the Pikachu pillow for the blanket that allows you to bring this anywhere – like road trips or travel. You can even have the blanket personalized with your name on it.

Embroidered Jigglypuff Pillow

You can even personalize your throw pillows that’s designed with the cute and charming balloon-looking Pokemon, that is Jigglypuff. So handy, you can bring it anywhere in your house or in your road trips. A handmade embroidery, this cushion pillow is definitely made with love.

Handmade Pokemon Jigglypuff Pillow

If one Jigglypuff is not enough for you, why not have more? Here are Jigglypuff pillows that leaves the traditional square design. It’s not only cute but also soft, fluffy and comforting to hug and to sleep on.

Pokemon Umbreon Plush Pillow

To add to your cute-sy pillow collection is this Pokemon Umbreon plush pillow that is bordering between a plush toy and a pillow. It has a cute head design and miniature legs for the stuffed toy look, but also comes with a broad body to give comfort when you sleep.

Pokeball Pokemon Pillow

Did you ever dream to become a Pokemon trainer? Well, here’s a Pokeball-designed throw pillow that would keep you company in those dreams, literally. You can opt to get just the cushion cover or a ready made one with 100% polypropylene filling. Take your pick!

Embroidered Pokemon in a Pokeball Pillow

But also, why would you stick to just a Pokeball when you can have a Pokeball with a Pokemon? These Pokemon pillow designs remind me of the height of the Pokemon Go days: that moment where we spot a Pokemon and try to catch it, albeit virtually.

Baby Pikachu Pokemon Pillow

How about a baby Pikachu throw pillow for your couch or bedroom? No doubt, this Pikachu pillow is truly one of a kind.

Pokemon Pikachu Yellow U-Shaped car seat neck Pillow / head rest

Are you more of an outdoor person? Well, Pikachu would be glad to accompany you and make you feel comfy even on the road. Here’s a cute neck pillow with a smiling Pikachu. This should be perfect when you’re on long travels.

Classic Blue and Black Snorlax Pillow

A sleepy Pokemon pillow for an always sleepy person like you, perhaps? This Snorlax pillow’s fluffy texture will just surely make you feel comfortable on your way to catching Zs.

Pokemon Character Pillows: Pikachu, Meowth, Bulbasaur, Charmandar, Eevee and Squirtle

If you’re not sold with having just one, why not have more? Here are Pokemon character pillows to fill your room, or share with friends or siblings. These hand-made pillows are made from cotton fabric and polyester stuffing. What’s great is you can get to choose from Pikachu, Meowth, Bulbasaur, Charmandar, Eevee, and Squirtle, or get them all!

Giant Pokeball Pouf Pillow

Or if small pillows are not your thing, you can opt for this Pokeball-designed cushion cover for your bean bag. The seller of this Pokemon pillow cover has been so nice in including instructions to help you put together this Pokemon-inspired pillow. It’s just but a perfect accent for your living area or bedroom, don’t you think?

Medium-sized Pokéball pillow

Or probably something not too big and not too small? Here’s the one for you! A Pokeball pillow that’s perfect for catching – not Pokemon – but some sleep.