13 Geeky & Weird Leggings

If you thought leggings are just a boring, tight thing women put on their legs, think again. Trying to be geeky, weird, original and stylish has also invaded this fashion kingdom, with the results looking a little bit questionable.

On the other hand, if people are willing to walk around with belly button tattoos these days, who are we to judge leggings with Yoda and Luke Skywalker on them?

The Star Wars Kind

Star Wars Leggings

The Superhero Kind

Superhero Leggings

Just Iron-man This Time

Ironman Leggings

The Cousin of Superheroes on the Internet are Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses Leggings

We Know Why Elmo is Happy

Elmo Leggings

And the Rest of the Sesame Street Gang in Baby Form

Baby Sesame Street Leggings

Onto the Contradictory Rainbows & Monsters

Rainbow & Monsters

And Adult Form

Sesame Street Leggings

King Kong is Also Here

King Kong Leggings

I Don’t Think Anyone Wears Something Like This Later Than 1995

Bart Simpson Leggings

The Super Creepy Dancing Psy

PSY LEggings

You Just Got Slimed

Slimed Leggings

Women Usually Get These When They’re a Little Older

Vein Leggings

(Via KP)