14 Coolest Premium Yoga Mats

If you haven’t started working on your summer body yet, no worries because everybody is a summer body! Making healthy choices can start at any time of the year, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a size 2 or a size 12, yoga is an exercise that anyone can do. Not only is yoga a healthy exercise, but it’s also calming, stress-relieving, and relaxing. It’s the perfect exercise to do when you want the stress of the day to disappear. Of course, in order to practice yoga, you need a good, comfortable, yoga mat. Luckily, I’ve made a list of 14 cool yoga mats to get you on the road to a healthy life!

Yeti Yoga Mat

Look at this gorgeous design! Not only does it look great on a yoga mat, but it looks like it came right from a rug or a cute wallpaper. In fact, maybe instead of putting the mat away at the end of the day, you could leave it out. Let your guests mistake it for a rug. It’s the perfect decoration. But make sure you’re also using it for yoga you know? I mean, that is the primary function of a yoga mat.

Yes4All Yoga Mat

I love the brand name of this one. “Yes for all.” It’s like a message saying that yoga is for everyone. And believe me, no matter who you are, you can pick up this fantastic habit. It’s a great alternative to other less healthy stress relievers, and it makes you feel great. You’ll feel even better using this bright purple yoga mat!

Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat

Gosh, I love this design so much. Blue is my favorite color, so a mat with several different shades of my favorite color is just plain perfect. The purple, gray, and green are also beautiful. Who knew I could fall in love with a color scheme? This is another mat that would be great just for a decoration. Make sure you clean it though…

SYourself Yoga Mat

Is it a yoga mat? Towel? Or is it a rug? All of the above? No, it’s just a yoga mat that happens to look like a piece of artwork! These intricate designs are complex and beautiful. Sometimes exercise equipment doesn’t just have to be exercise equipment, it can be true art.

Souvnear Yoga Mat

I had to do a double take when I saw this yoga mat. I wasn’t sure if it actually was a mat, and not an actual rug. I know I’ve already joked on this list that some of these mats could pass for rugs, but the design on this one really looks like fabric! However, that makes it extra unique. How many yoga mats do you see that look like fabric?

Sivan Yoga Mat

This one is probably your most basic mat on the list, but everyone can appreciate a basic yoga mat. There’s no need for anything fancy when it comes to exercise. Besides, when you’re getting into complicated yoga positions, you’re probably going to pay more attention to your pain than the design on your yoga mat. This simple mat comes in many colors, so you can pick the one you love the most.

Peace Yoga Mat

Yes, some of you male readers might have been put off by the multitude of flowery, feminine designs I chose, so here is something I think you’ll appreciate. (Female readers will appreciate it too, what girl doesn’t like a cool tiger?) This mat will have you feeling like the coolest person in the studio.

Incline Yoga Mat

Another beautiful artwork, I mean yoga mat. I wonder how many of these yoga mat designs have appeared on other pieces of household items? This mat is definitely one of my favorites on the list. It’s so pleasant to look at like it adds to the calming effect of yoga itself.

Heath Yoga Mat

Another basic yoga mat, although I personally prefer the brightness of these colors. They’re so vibrant and fun, they’d definitely get me in the mood for some exercise. And I mean, that’s saying something, since it’s often difficult to get me off the couch. If you’re like me, you need something that’s eye-catching and attention grabbing so you’ll actually want to exercise.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

Wow, I can’t get enough of these design! It would make a gorgeous henna tattoo, or real tattoo if that’s what you’re into. It would also look good on a tapestry or rug. Sorry, I’ll stop with the rug comparisons. But seriously, this yoga mat is so pretty-looking.

Enjoee Yoga Mat

I love how the brand name is an alternate spelling of “enjoy.” And I love how it’s so fitting. Yoga is an exercise that you should enjoy! I know a lot of people hate exercising. They hate getting sweaty, they hate feeling exhausted, and sometimes they just don’t have the time. But yoga is something that you only have to devote a few minutes to each day, and you don’t even have to sweat! So enjoy it!

Bang Design Yoga Mat

I remember a few years ago when galaxy designs were all the rage. I even had a pair of leggings with a galaxy print. I don’t see this design too much anymore, but it’s definitely a classic, and it brings some cosmic coolness to this awesome yoga mat.

Yeti Yoga Mat

I’m such a huge fan of black and white that this yoga mat has me sold. I love that orange circle in the middle too! It’s so simple, yet so cool-looking! It’s the perfect pop of color on this already fun yoga mat. I’d love to do some stretching on this amazing mat.

Activana Yoga Mat

Elephants are my favorite animal, which is why I have multiple clothing items with pictures of them on it. If everything I owned had elephants on it, I’d be happy, so why not get an elephant yoga mat? It’s beautiful and definitely in fashion. You and I both should go out and buy this one now!

I hope you found a yoga mat you loved! Good luck practicing this exercise!