Get 81% Off a 2-Year Subscription to Trust.Zone VPN

While some might say that staying safe online is priceless, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay an arm and a leg for good encryption. Trust.Zone VPN, one of our latest additions to our store, comes with a 81% discount for a 2-year subscription.

VPN services have gained a lot of traction lately, both for the superior privacy that they promise, and for their ability to go around geo-restrictions. But when it comes to picking one of the many, what are the features that you’re looking for? Is it the number of servers and countries, or maybe the presence of a companion app for smartphones and tablets? Or perhaps it’s the encryption they provide, which might come in handy when downloading torrents, for example. If you’ve answered yes to all of these, then the Trust.Zone VPN service might be just your thing. Our store, Walyou Deals, currently has it on sale with an impressive discount, so t

Trust.Zone takes pride in using 43 servers in 20 countries, which is a lot more than what your run-of-the-mill VPN service is offering. Other than that, the speed depends on your ISP, but there are no restrictions in terms of bandwidth or data transfers. Furthermore, you can switch between the 43 servers anytime you want.

One of the main possible applications promoted by Trust.Zone is the download of torrent files, under complete anonymity. Depending on what you’re actually downloading using the BitTorrent protocol, your actions may be regarded as illegal. However, if you’re eager to watch the latest geeky TV series and you happen to be in some part of the world where such shows aren’t broadcast, you really don’t have that many alternatives left. By encrypting all traffic, Trust.Zone keeps you safe from the usual risks.

Besides that, you’ll be able to access any website that has geo-blocked content. This is a measure that content makers or publishers take because of the differences in licenses, but lately it’s seen as something very unfair. People wanting access to information shouldn’t face such restrictions.

Compatibility isn’t an issue for the Trust.Zone VPN service, as it works equally fine on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Linux, Windows, and Mac. Since you’re only allowed to have the service running on up to 3 devices simultaneously, I would enter the settings into the Wi-Fi router, so that all of the devices you’re using at home or at work are actually seen as one.

If you were to put a price on your privacy, what would that price be? Walyou Deals has the 2-year subscription for Trust.Zone VPN at $35.99, 81% off what you would normally pay. That’s very reasonable, considering the great features of this VPN service. Take advantage of this offer while it still lasts, as it will expire in 4 days from now. As usual, all sales are final, and this being a digital product, will be available right after completing the order.

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