2017’s Coolest Camping Gear

Who said you have to endure the rough and tough outdoor life when going camping? With all the convenience that the modern world has to give you, you will surely find camping a delightful experience. You’ll get to appreciate camping, even more, when you have these gear and facilities that bring in comfort as you enjoy the exhilarating feel of what outdoor living is. So to get you ready for your next 2017 camping trip with family and friends, here are our top picks of the cool camping gear that you should have.


Nightstick Multi-Function Headlamp

When night times comes and you’re still trekking, the least you want to happen is suffer an injury because your path is poorly lit! The Nightstick multifunction headlamp not just adjustable to fit anyone, but it is available with a life-saving strobe light that will automatically alert oncoming cars or nearby travelers, letting them know that you’re just around the corner.

Survival Gear Kit

When you decide to hit the wild, you never know what’ll be thrown at on your path. The best thing you could do is have a Survival Gear Kit within your reach! It guarantees you’ll have all the necessary things you need—from having the drinking water to warm fire to keep you up and going.

Tear-Resistant Family-Size Tent

Planning to hit the road with the family this weekend? Never leave without this tear-resistant family size tent! Why squeeze yourself in a small, motel room when you can set up a portable and durable tent in just minutes! So hit a park or a spot with a view and let be the night sky be your ceiling as you enjoy a comfortable sleep inside your tent.

Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad with Pillow

Camping has never been this comfortable, thanks to this self-inflating sleeping pad that also comes with a pillow. Say good bye to usual hardground because this lightweight sleeping pad offers you the convenience you need minus the bulk, weight, or air compressor. All you need is just a few breaths and you have the sleeping pad to slumber on.  it comes with a sturdy valve, with open-cell foam and nonslip soft touch, waterproof skin that ensures your warmth and comfort.

Survival Sparkl®  Fire Starter with Compass and Whistle

The Survival Sparkl® isn’t just your usual fire starter, it also comes with a top notch compass and a 150 DB emergency whistle all kept together in one lanyard for safe keeping.  Now, you can light your bonfire, prepare your BBQ fire with the Survival Spark that’ll make it very easy for you.

Camping Water Bottle

Never go camping without bringing water with you! It’s a must necessity wherever you go. However, you also have to make sure you have enough space on your backpack or camping gear when bringing in your water supply. When getting a water bottle, you want something that’s convenient to take, leak-proof, BPA-free, and safe—the Foris Vacuu-Insulated Stainless Bottle is just what you need! Designed and manufactured with hikers and campers in mind, this water bottle guarantees you’ll have a cool supply of water to quench your thirst as you hike to your destination.

Camping Light with Ceiling Fan Lantern

Spring and summer are the perfect time to camp, surely, but nights may also prove warm and uncomfortable.  What you need is a tent light that comes with a fan to keep you cool through the night. You can place it overhead or adjust to a standing position for directional cooling.

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow

Who said just because you’re camping you have to keep yourself in discomfort? The Therm-a-Rest Compressible pillow will eat up only a small space in your baggage but will provide you with the comfort you need to rest your head after a tiresome day.

Buckeye Outdoor Gear Camping Hammock

Perhaps, when you find the right place to enjoy the perfect view—it could be at the beach or on the hilltop. Now, what you want to do is rest on a hammock and lull yourself to the beauty that surrounds you. If this kind of fancy runs in your mind, then bring it to reality with the Buckeye Outdoor Gear Camping Hammock. It comes with a full-pack set of kits for 100% rest and relaxation. Its high-strength tree straps and hooks will ensure sturdy support for you. It also comes with 8 convenient utility loops on the hammock and one stuff bag, which you can use to secure your stuff wherever you go.  While other hammocks take some time to install, Buckeye Outdoor Guar guarantees you of a portable, quick-to-install one. No knots needed! Simply clip into any of the 14 tree strap loops and you can adjust your hammock height without the hassle!

So what are you waiting for? Get these cool camping gear you need, pack your bags and head to the nearest campsite near you. With the convenience that these gear have to offer, you’ll definitely want to make camping a usual activity that everyone in the family will surely enjoy.