21 Starlicious Items Every Star Wars Fan Wants In Their Home

When it comes to Star Wars items, you can find so many cool stuff that even a non-fan would love to get. From cooking tools up to bedroom items, the selection is huge and glorious.

Star Wars established itself as one of the most beloved pop culture phenomenons a long time ago. It has huge and super loyal following which stand in lines for days to see any new movie that comes out, and goes crazy for any good, new Star Wars item that comes out.

AT-AT on a leash StarWars Bookends

This AT-AT was captured during the Rebellion and re-purposed to hold all of your books and magazines in place. Let this AT-AT also serve as a reminder that somewhere in this galaxy the Imperial army is still operating.

Millennium Falcon Bean Bag

Made by Woouf!, a unique and cool brand for bean bagging. This Millennium Falcon bean bag is totally every Star Wars fan a dream come true.

Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker

You don’t need the force or even butter to create yummy popcorn. Pretty much all you need is this Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker. What makes this popcorn maker even cooler is that top half of Death Star detaches as a bowl.

 Star Wars Millennium Falcon Acrylic Light

Let some light in all of this darkness with an out-of-this-world Star Wars Millennium Falcon acrylic lamp light.

Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head

Your showers are going to be a lot more fun with this super cool Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head, washing both your light and dark side.

Star Wars Medal Hanger

This Medal display is super cute and smart, May the course be with you!

Star Wars “I Love you I Know” – Key Holder

Let the force help you keep your keys in place, or better yet let this very romantic key holder help you.

Star Wars Engraved Rolling pin – Darth Vader Pattern

Take some flour, butter, sugar and make me star wars cookies!! This creative rolling pin will embed a star wars Darth Vader pattern onto your dough, then you can cut some cookies of off it, and you’ll get your very own Star Wars Darth Vader cookies. Looks delicious!

Star Wars Darth Vader Luke Skywalker Stand

Let this Darth Vader Luke Skywalker Stand organize your life. All you need in one stand.

Star Wars Death Star Bean Bag Chair Cover

Sitting on the Death Star is probably the best way to fight back against the Empire.

Star Wars (Light/Dark Side) Light Switch Cover

After finding this little switcher panel, I’m pretty sure I want to change all of my old panels to this!

Lightsaber Room Light – Darth Vader

You are never too old to have a Lightsaber hanging off your bedroom wall.

Star Wars Rogue One Imperial Trooper Beddings

May the Empire be with you even when you are sleeping.You can never go wrong with a classic. Yes, Rogue One is so good it’s already a classic.

Star Wars R2-D2 Teapot

Forget Gamma’s old teapot. Next time it’s tea time you’ll pull this cutie out and make some delicious tea in unique Star Wars droid style.

Darth Vader Waffle Maker

Start off your Sunday mornings with a waffle shaped like Darth Vader. Don’t worry, this Darth Vader snack will not harm you.

 Star Wars Salt & Pepper Shakers

This is a basic yes useful item to have. Each time you spice something up, you’ll think of Star Wars.

Star Wars Step Stool

Stools are cool, but Star Wars stools are super awesome.

Star Wars Inspired Welcome Doormat

There’s no place like home. This mat will instantly put a smile on your face each time you are home, perfect for a true fan.

Star Wars R2-D2 Screwdriver

Let the best droid in the galaxy help you in fixing all kinds of stuff around the house.

 Handmade Star Wars Soaps

With the Handheld Shower Head and these super cool handmade soap creations, you are in for one epic bath! 

Star Wars BB-8 Measuring Cup Set

BB-8  is ready to help you cook like a true Jedi. Jedis know how to cook, right?

Star Wars Darth Vader Talking Cookie Jar

After all that cooking with BB-8 it’s time to stack all of those yummy cookies you just made in this Darth Vader cookie jar. Sweet!

Star Wars Jewelry box

Place your blings and valuables in this magical jewelry box.

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