23 Stylish Backpacks for Hello Kitty Lovers

Hello Kitty is one of the brands that would — no doubt — easily capture the eyes and hearts of young (or even the not so young) ladies, simply because it’s cute! Considering that it’s known globally, Hello Kitty is one of the classic characters that is not easily forgotten. After all, it’s been around for a couple of decades already.

Admit it, Hello Kitty apparel does not go out of style. Hello Kitty backpacks are perfect for kids and kids at heart who want to have a new addition to their Hello Kitty collection. Here are some of the nice backpacks you could purchase:

Hello Kitty Girls’ Stars and Clouds 15 Inch Backpack with Lunch Kit

Your kid’s eyes would probably twinkle if you purchase her this Hello Kitty backpack designed with stars and clouds! On top of that, she gets a matching lunch bag to pair with her backpack.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Rolling Backpack Kitty Wheeled 12″ Backpack Pink

Pink, cute and offers two carrying options. This Hello Kitty backpack will be very useful for your little girl’s schooling needs.

Hello Kitty 5 piece Backpack School Set

Why have one when you can get five? Yes, five Hello Kitty compartments with a single matching design. I don’t know about you, but to me, this looks like a really good deal.

Hello Kitty Thermos Dual Compartment Lunch Kit

Perhaps your kid already has a Hello Kitty bag — being the Hello Kitty fan that she is. So, here’s a Hello Kitty Thermos lunch bag to complement that.

Hello Kitty Girls Natural Canvas 16″ Backpack

For those who are not so much into pink, but loves Hello Kitty, here’s the backpack for you.

Hello Kitty Emoji Pebbles Backpack

Here’s a unique take on Hello Kitty design on a backpack: Hello Kitty as emojis.

Letshopping Kids Cute Short Plush Backpack

How about a backpack and a plush toy in one for the little girls?

Hello Kitty Mini Furry Backpack

Or this, if you prefer something bigger and fluffier.

Loungefly Hello Kitty Nerd Polka Dot Backpack

For the Hello Kitty geeks that have a nerdy personality and are not shy to admit it, here’s the backpack that suits you.

Loungefly Hello Kitty Polka Dot Backpack

Or here’s a backpack shaped like Hello Kitty’s face.

Loungefly Hello Kitty Pastel Faces School Backpack Book Bag

Another Hello Kitty face-designed backpack, with tons of other Hello Kittys. You gotta admit, the pastel color is refreshing to the eyes.

Hello Kitty Mint Bow Face Backpack

How about a backpack with a cool Hello Kitty design for your equally cool kid?

Alkem Pet Cat Dog Puppy Carrier Travel Bag Space Capsule Backpack

Or, you can also have a backpack that’s meant for you to travel around with your pet. The Hello Kitty design makes it more appealing, of course!

Hello Kitty KT4337R Backpack Style Laptop Case- Red

This hot red Hello Kitty backpack is too spacious, it can accommodate your laptop — even up to 15 inches.

Hello Kitty Friends Colorful Canvas School Kids Backpack

Here’s a Hello Kitty backpack with other Sanrio friends to add to the fun in the design.

Hello Kitty Burger & Fries 16-inch Backpack and Insulated Lunch Bag – Kids

Hello Kitty with burger and fries — looks enticing. Perfect design for your kid’s Hello Kitty lunch box, isn’t it?

MLB New York Yankees Hello Kitty Drawstring Backpack 

Hello Kitty dressed as a New York Yankee player. This drawstring backpack suits well for all the Hello Kitty-slash-New York Yankee fans.

Hello Kitty mini backpack

Here’s a classy backpack for the little ladies. For even more options, you can also choose between its black and pink variants.

Cartoon Hello Kitty Unisex School Backpack Bag

Even minimalists can own a Hello Kitty backpack. This black bag with a subtle pink Hello Kitty outline is perfect. You’ll even love the functionality of the headphone slot as an add-on.

One-piece Sanrio Loungefly Hello Kitty Mustache 3D Ears Large Backpack Schoolbag Christmas

Opting for a Hello Kitty backpack that’s really looking one-of-its-kind? Here’s a Hello Kitty backpack, designed with a mustache. Admit it, it looks odd in a really good way.

Loungefly Hello Kitty Icon Patch Backpack

Just like Hello Kitty, denim does not go out of style. So don’t you think this design is just a perfect combination? If you do, maybe it’s about time to get your own? You can buy it here.

Hello Kitty Sports Premier Collection Tennis Backpack

There’s just a Hello Kitty backpack for every need: this time, here’s one for tennis players!

Hello Kitty Backpack: camouflage

Here’s a cute camouflage backpack. Not the dull military camouflage, but a cute design for your next Hello Kitty backpack.

We hope that you enjoyed our list. Happy hello kitty shopping!