7 Geeky Office Gadgets For Your Desk

Getting to work daily can be tiresome at times, and seeing your desk, unorganized can add to that stress. If you find yourself rushing and looking for a piece of paper most of the time, it’s time to tidy up your vulnerable space!

While tidying the place, it doesn’t hurt to begin and add some creativity to your desk, which can increase productivity! From simple, exotic, geeky, creative desks, and workspaces ideas, we gathered plenty of styles that you can choose from! All styles touch a blend of geeky designs that will suit a nerdy and calm personality.

Scroll on below for the 7 geeky desks and workspaces ideas and impress your friends.

1. Knight Pen Holder

Feel like an undefeatable boss by having this Knight Pen Holder. Every time your signature is needed, someone in a shining knight armor will offer you a writing implement. Display this Knight Pen Holder start signing documents with your royal name. Feel special in your workspace with a knight bowing before you.

The Executive Knight Pen Holder comes with a pen that has black ink and is refillable. Explicitly, it accepts Cross Standard Ballpoint Pen Refills or equivalent. This cool holder can hold anything other than pen to offer you as well, such as letter opener, fork, pencil, and anything you’d like for your servant to keep for you.

Display this on your office desk, and you won’t have to search for your pen any more!

2. Gothic Dragon Bookends Medieval Book Ends Evil

Keep your folders, manuals, files, books, notebooks in style, by having them organized in excellent and stylish bookends! If you have other accessories that are castle-themed styled, this is a must-have! Especially, if you’re willing to order the Knight Pen Holder, you’ll need to have a Gothic Dragon Bookends to go with it!

This Gothic Dragon Bookend set comes with two bookends that are constructed of heavy cold-cast resin. Have your desk look gothic at its finest with just simple dragon-themed bookends.

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’d better check out Game of Throngs Throne Bookend!

3. Howl’s Moving Castle Perpetual Calendar

You can never miss a calendar in your office. Whether you have a daily desk or wall calendar, you’ll love Howl’s Moving Castle perpetual calendar. Especially for Studio Ghibli fans out there, you’ll be looking forward to checking dates daily with this awesome-looking, playful, and unique Studio Ghibli themed calendar.

4. Geeky-looking Magnets

Magnets are one of the fun ways to decorate your files and sticky notes. These fun magnets can only not be used on your work desks, but it can be displayed anywhere on your room, kitchen, and will still rock a geeky-looking place. With various themes such as Super Mario, Minecraft Magnets, and even Geek Magnetic Poetry, you might be caught up by playing with these nerdy accessories!

As stated in Amazon, the Geek Magnetic Poetry consists of:

Over 200 themed magnetic word tiles in a cute, colorful, giftable 4.75 x 3 inch box. Rearrange the words to write poems, messages to your roommates, or generative esoteric word art masterpieces whose meaning is lost even to you. Magnetic Poetry is both a creative writing aid, and just a really fun and limitless toy. They’re not just fridge words, you can write an ode on your commode, an elegy on your doorknob, a haiku on your car hood, or a novelette on your omelette maker.

5. Geeky Desk Buddy

While working, sometimes you may need a company to entertain you, or watch over you. Especially if that someone is from Star Wars, Boba Fett. 

Get your very own tiny friend during work and keep you company. Someone who will sit at your computer, and watch over you. You can ask Yoda for his wisdom as he sits on your computer desktop.

If you’re looking for another monitor sitter, we have Einstein Bobblehead! Keep in mind on decorating with your work desk, find a balance between having a professional-looking, neat, and decorative work desk (unless you are working at your own home, personalize your decorations as much as you like!) Depending on your work desk, have fun picking the perfect monitor sitter that fits the style of your workspace.

6. Equation Geek Clock

So, you like everything geeky, huh? Do not miss out on this Decodyne Math Wall clock for your office! Practice your inner geek and try on this new challenge that this nerdy clock can offer whenever you first walk in your office. Challenge your friends as well, and have each visitor ignite a further mathematical boost with each time check on your workspace.

7. Tetris Lamp

To work overtime can tiresome. During this hour, you’ll need a relaxing place to work on. With the lights off, you can arrange a Tetris Lamp on your work desk. It’s geeky and cast a rainbow hue across the office.

Arrange the pieces in any information you would like best. These seven pieces are yours to decorate a Tetris Lamp on your own interest. Do not miss this creative lamp on your office. It’s one of the best gifts for geeky friends out there as well

These geeky designs and accessories can be served as presents for your siblings, geeky friends, or someone special as well! You simply can’t miss one of these things if you’re expecting a geeky and nerdy looking work desk! Go on, and impress your friends or visitors by having one of these awesome-looking accessories for cubicles.