25 Geekalicious Cakes

It doesn’t matter what ‘dom you ascribe to. Chances are there’s one thing we can all agree on and that thing is cake; eating cake, looking at cake, accusing cakes of lying.

The indisputable fact is that cake is just plain great. And in recent internet years cake has become a thing of contest with thousands of bakers testing their culinary mastery. Like that guy from the Hunger Games who somehow had the materials to practice cake decorating in a starving coal mining district.

And maybe this is just a staple of our awesome generation. Maybe shaping cakes like dragons and murderers is our jam—filling. Because what five or thirty-five year old doesn’t want a spaceship cake? Or a cake shaped like Buzz Lightyear’s helmet? The answer is: you do. I do. Any cake that isn’t still in the pan when the icing was slathered on and the sprinkles knocked over is a cake I want.

All I know is that there is a new bar for cakes now. A new standard has been set. Whether you have the skill points to endeavor any of the following, or just have an appreciative eye, here are 25 geekalicious cakes to salivate over: