10 Best Christmas Stockings For Geeks

Remember how we loved Christmas stocking decorations as kids and hoping that Santa would arrive during the eve of Christmas to secretly place his gift in the stockings? That was fun, right? As you got older, you must’ve discovered who actually gives and places those gifts in the Christmas socks, but that does not mean it’s less fun to have them as part of your house decorations. But to make it more differently this year, how about looking for the best Christmas stockings for geeks?

There’s definitely something you’re crazy about — a show, a film, a character. Let those reflect in your geeky Christmas stockings.  Having Christmas stockings integrated with your decorations make your house more Christmas-y. You can also mix and match the things you like with the things your other family members like and make it a symbol of your designated Christmas stockings for nerds. Good idea, would you agree?

So to start off, we’ve brought together the ten geekiest and best Christmas stockings here:

1) Hogwarts Wizarding School Christmas Stocking

Hogwarts Christmas Stocking

A lot of people would agree that the stories J.K. Rowling created surrounding Harry Potter was magical and created an entirely new world for us. It was great that for a lot of people, it’s a story we won’t forget, hence the existence of Potterheads.

If you share this interest with the family, this colorful Hogwarts wizarding school Christmas stocking may be enticing. Look at that furry detail in the sock, it does make this sotcking more Christmas-y, right? This handmade stocking is made with custom-printed fabric, cotton, faux fur, plush felt and fleece, and measures 15 x 9 inches. 

2) Pickle Rick inspired Christmas stocking

Pickle Rick Christmas stocking

Rick and Morty’s can be fun and funny at the same time. Just like that one time when Rick decided to be a pickle to avoid a family therapy session. If you remember that episode and you find it hilarious or one of the best episodes in the series, this might be the Christmas sock that can best represent you.

This Rickle Pickle Christmas stockings is made of green fleece embroidered with Rick’s face. It measures about 12 inches long and 5 inches wide, giving enough room for small gifts you may receive.

3) Batman Christmas stocking

Batman christmas stocking

With tons of actors having reprised the role of Batman for decades, he is unarguably one of the classic superhero characters. It won’t be surprising to find more than one family member who’s into Batman. If this is the case for you, you may want to consider getting one or more of this Batman Christmas stocking.

This handmade stocking that features Batman’s iconic comic book logo is 15 inches long. You can also opt to request to add a name on the cuff of the stocking for a more personalized touch.

4) Fleece Vintage Nintendo Gaming Christmas Stocking

Vintage Nintendo Christmas Stocking

Were you a Family Computer kind of family growing up? Or gaming just runs in your blood? If you and your family are either of these, this Nintendo-inspired Christmas stocking could be a good addition to your home’s decoration.

This Christmas stocking is made from an orange soft and durable felt cloth, and measures 16.5 x 7.5 inches. Personalizations are also welcome at a $2 fee.

5) Game of Thrones Christmas Socks

Game of Thrones Christmas Sock

Because HBO’s Game of Thrones ran for years and years, it’s likely that you’ve begun awaiting for each season and watching each of its episodes with family, jointly anticipating the turn of events, perhaps.  It would also be no wonder if each of you debated about the characters you were rooting for. To commemorate this brilliant series, why not put up one or more Game of Thrones Christmas stockings in your home?

Look how cute those Game of Thrones characters are, in a Funko-looking design, matched with a jewel tone color. This custom-printed stocking, which measures 17 inches tall from top of cuff to bottom of toe, is also matched with a fleece cuff and a satin hanging ribbon. It’s also made with fleece inner lining for stability, so family and friends have enough room to put in their gifts!

6) Spiderman Christmas Stocking

Spiderman Christmas Stocking

If you’re more into the Marvel superheroes, you’d agree that Spiderman is just adorable. He can be naive, but funny and helpful. There had been more than three films with Spiderman in it to show that. If you like Spiderman this way or similarly or more, this Spiderman Christmas stocking could be a great addition to your Christmas stocking collection. This stocking measures 14 x 6 inches and is made of cotton, fusing and satin ribbon.

7) Star Wars R2-D2 Christmas Stocking

Star Wars Christmas Stocking

The Star Wars movie franchise are so great so much so that Star Wars geeks span across various decades. It’s no wonder if you share geekiness for this movie series and its characters with your family and friends. So, why not add a little spunk to your Christmas decor through Star Wars Christmas stocking?

This Star Wars stocking comes in galaxy black, pink and blue, to help adding variety in decorating the house with these stockings. Look at those flowery designs making it more Christmas-y. It’s made of cotton, satin and fleece, and measures 17 inches tall.

8) Game Over Christmas Stocking

Game over gaming stocking

Here’s another Christmas stocking idea for the family of Nintendo gamers. Though we hated to see this ending our game, we all encountered this at a certain point many times before. Show how you’re a gaming geek by adding this Game Over Christmas stocking in your decoration. 

9) The Nightmare Before Christmas Purple Socks

The Nightmare Before Christmas Stocking

Are you attracted with Tim Burton’s eccentric style? If you geek about Tim Burton’s creations, The Nightmare Before Christmas won’t be missed out. Just like Jack Skellington, let’s move into Christmas Town and we can take along this Night Before Christmas stocking with us and recall how with Jack, Sally and Zero made this film interesting. The stocking measures 17 x 10 inches and is made of cotton, satin and fleece fabric. It also comes with white fleece inner lining for stability.

10) Doctor Who Christmas Stocking 

Huge doctor who fans, this best christmas stocking is for you. The stocking is 19-inch and hold quite a lot of stuff in it. This adorable Doctor Who Christmans stocking is the perfect gift for a geeky person or Doctor Who fan. This cool stocking can be purchsed here.

Doctor who christmas stocking

Which Christmas stocking caught your interest? Have you found a geeky Christmas stocking that you might want to share for inspiration? Let us know in the comments!

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