3D Marijuana Cigarette Package Excites Dopeheads

To legalize or to not legalize has been the question for decades. Yes, we are talking about marijuana and its eventual legalization in most developed societies. Once Marijuana or pot is legalized, we could expect marijuana cigarettes to be sold in the same was as regular cigarettes.

marijuana cigarette package 1

A well known Norwegian design agency commissioned Tim Cooper to render 3D models of possible packaging of these marijuana cigarettes. They come in 12 pack cartons, 16 cigarettes box and also handy 4 cigarettes box.

marijuana cigarette package 4

marijuana cigarette package 5

Of course, this is just tentative and being truly optimistic for it is quite difficult to convince the legislation to legalize smoking marijuana.

marijuana cigarette package 2

marijuana cigarette package 3

These pictures and images were created using 3D by Tim Cooper for a print article in an unnamed New York magazine. While the marijuana cigarettes might raise a few eyebrows, it is suggested that marijuana might be less addictive than tobacco, with fewer risks to health if used minimally.

marijuana cigarette package 6

marijuana cigarette package 7

Moreover, marijuana has long been prescribed to relieve pain. While we cross our fingers and wait for the legalization of grass, you could drool over these stylish package designs. You could also read about the Marijuana ATM, which sounds equally interesting. For other designs from Tim, take a look at the 3D Heart or the Logitech Brand Mouse.

marijuana cigarette package 8