3Doodler Pen Lets You Print 3D Figures Freehand

Here’s taking 3D printers to a whole new level. The 3Doodler is said to be the world’s very first handheld 3D printer, letting you create tons of awesome 3D projects by drawing freehand.

Wobble Works LLC, founded by robotics enthusiasts Max Boque and Pete Dilworth, developed the  3Doodler, after months of extensive research. The secret behind 3Doodler is a patented technology that heats up plastic (possibly ABS or PLA) and then cools it quickly as it exits the tool. The result is an instant 3D sculpture or model that was drawn by hand.3Doodler2


As the video demo shows, there are limitless possibilities with what one can do with 3Doodler. It can be used to create jewelry, figurines, toys, artwork, and even 3D models of architectural structures, like the Eiffel Tower which seemed easy enough to build. Well, if you have a steady hand and a lot of patience, that is.



The 3Doodler kind of reminds you of a hot glue gun used for crafting, except that the medium used is a special type of plastic. And the output of 3Doodler looks like it cools rapidly and is safe enough to touch after it sets. Wobble Works is yet to release further details on the features of 3Doodler, such as the exact type of plastic used, and how it attaches or connects to source of the 3D printing medium.

Currently, 3Doodler is up on Kickstarter, and it hopes to raise awareness and needed funds to get mass production going. Let’s just wait in anticipation until we can our very own handheld 3D printer. Who knows the awesome things we can doodle and build with this in our hands?

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