The New Dynamic Keyboard from Fremont

A startup company has come out with a new form of keyboard that appears and disappears according to the users’ wish to type. Many discussions have happened about the usability of the keyboard, at the time of launch of the new Blackberry 10.  This is because the Blackberry keyboards are well-known for the sleek design and for its ease of usage.


We all have been addicted to the touch screen technology as we all closely follow the most modern gadgets and smartphones. Typos are bound to happen during message compositions and also while using text-based mobile applications. Most often typos occurs due to the less space between the flat surface characters on the flat screen. Fremont, a startup that works on Microfluid principles has managed to come up with the prototype of a dynamic keyboard that appears and vanishes at users will to use keyboards on flat screen surfaces. Tactus technology has been followed to build this new dynamic keyboard. The principle followed is very similar to the one used in ink jet printers.

There are channels built on the flat surface of the portable device. The pressure exerted on the surface from pressing of fingers makes the channel to bubble up the characters on the device. The button touches reminds users of gel like packets.  The vision of  Fremont is to develop a dynamic button surface based on the mobile application that is going to use the technology. It means that the dynamic buttons surface would switch to character mode or number mode while you are using an email application or a calculator respectively. There’s only one word that can summarize the new technology – ‘ Amazing’.

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