6 Coolest Star Wars Armada Games

While most Star Wars fans spend the most time on reading Star Wars comics and books, watching the series, and looking for the most relatable Star Wars franchise, it’s great to include playing armada games on your bucket list.

To help you engage more on the Star Wars universe, we then did a research to find the coolest Star Wars Armada games which are definitely a must share to your other friends who are both a gamer and a Star Wars fan.

Star Wars: Armada Game

Star Wars Armada Game

Star Wars: Armada Game is a two-player game that features tactical fleet battles in Star Wars. The core set includes 10 unpainted fighter squadrons, 3 pre-painted capital ship miniatures, and more than 130 tokens and cards. This $85.70 imported armada game could entertain players by forcing them to have tactical decisions on the game.

Star Wars Armada: Imperial Class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack Board Game

Star Wars Armada Game

The board game features pre-painted, one-large base imperial-class Star Wars miniature. You can choose either Imperial I class or Imperial II class as your Star Destroyer in the game. This $49.99 includes all the tokens and dials needed to fly your chosen Star Destroyer to battle.

Star Wars Armada: Imperial Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack

Star Wars Armada Game

In this package, it features 8 squadron cards that present the talents of Darth Vader and other 4 deadly imperial aces, including 8 miniatures fighter squadrons. Keep the $33.98 squadrons expansion pack updated on your bucket list as it’s often out of stock.

Star Wars X-Wing: Imperial Raider Expansion Pack

Star Wars Armada Game

An $88.00 expansion pack for X-WingTM. It features Epic Play modes, new options for Standard Play, and the expansion’s 34 upgrades. The anti-fighter vessel is introduced to the Star Wars galaxy that players can enjoy.

Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game

Star Wars Armada Game

A $75.98 board game that features a battle between Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire available for 2-4 players. It also features more than 150 plastic miniatures enough to be considered as one of the coolest Star Wars Armada games.

Star Wars Armada Imperial Assault Carriers Expansion Pack

Star Wars Armada Games

This armada game features a whole new level of coordination and fleet support. It features 2 ship cards and 8 upgrades such as a new commander and flotilla ship type to the Imperial Navy. The $19.95 contains 2 Gozanti-class cruiser miniatures and is one of the best Wave III expansion for the well-known Star Wars: Armada miniatures game.

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