8 Best Video Game Dresses

Hey gamer girls! Do you want to look stylish and gorgeous while showing off your love of video games? Well, I’ve got the list for you! As a fellow gamer, not only do I love video games, but I have a huge interest in fashion as well, and I want to share with you some of the cutest video game dresses I could find.

For years, I was afraid of showing my geeky side. I didn’t want anyone to know because I thought people wouldn’t like me. Crazy right? These days, I wear my geekiness with pride, and I’d love to own all of these dresses. Don’t be afraid of showing off who you are, it turns out, people really will like you if they know you’ve spent a thousand hours playing Skyrim.

Nintendo Mario Bros Dress

This first dress is absolutely adorable, of course I could say that about every dress on this list, but there’s something about all the cute little characters on this one that stands out to me. Look at that angry Goomba, isn’t he just the best? You just can’t go wrong with a Mario dress. Everyone loves Mario.

Mass Effect N7 Dress

Sexy. That’s the best word to describe this Mass Effect dress. Anyone who’s played Mass Effect knows all about the steamy romances that can go on, (also the not so steamy) and I think if your Commander Shepard were to wear this dress, she’d be the talk of the town. You’ll win any alien’s heart in this little number.

Pac-Man Dress

Okay, I’ll admit something. I’ve never played through an entire Pac-Man game. It just isn’t my thing. It’s definitely a classic and deserves all its praise, but arcade games and I don’t have the best relationship. Anyway, regardless of whether or not you’ve played a Pac-Man game, this dress is awesome. It looks exactly like the game. Maybe if I wear this I’ll be motivated to play it.

Pokemon Pikachu Dress

Adorbs. Totes adorbs. Pikachu is everybody’s favorite little (what creature is he supposed to be?) uh, thing. He looks very cute plastered all over this dress and no one will ask you what he’s from when you’re wearing it. Don’t you just hate it when nobody recognizes what fandom you’re wearing?

Portal Companion Cube Dress

First of all, I cannot recommend Portal enough. It’s a fantastic video game, one of the most unique I’ve ever played. If you haven’t yet played it, do yourself a favor and buy it! It’s always available for a tiny price and it’s worth every cent. This dress oozes adorableness and the Companion Cube is one of the best parts of the game and the dress of course.

Star Wars Darth Vader Dress

Wait, Star Wars is a movie, not a video game right? Wrong! Star Wars is in everything, it’s on your TV screen, it’s on your soup can, cereal box, and it’s spawned tons of video games. I have not so fond memories of attempting the Return of the Jedi video game and dying over and over again. Anyway, because Star Wars is such a cultural icon, there are many dresses to choose from, and it was difficult deciding which ones I wanted to include. I went with Darth Vader because he’s the coolest villain ever, and sometimes the Dark Side needs some love.

Star Wars R2-D2 Dress

This is actually my favorite dress on the list. I’m in love with how simple, yet cute it is. I like that it has sleeves, so I can wear it to my parent’s house without them freaking out. (They’re very conservative.) R2-D2 is an immediately recognizable character, and I guarantee everyone will like your dress.

The Legend of Zelda Dress

Zelda is my favorite video game series. Much of my childhood consisted of traversing through dungeons, fighting bosses, and saving Princess Zelda. I hold this series so close to my heart that of course I’d want to share my love of it through clothing. I picked this dress because it’s something you can wear anywhere and still be recognized as a Zelda fan, rather than the many cosplay-like options available.

I hope you found a dress you fell in love with! I know I fell in love with all of these dresses!