Sony to Reveal the Future of Gaming on the 4th of June


Sony has just announced that a special event will be held on the 4th of June, in which the “future of gaming” will be shown to the world. Sony’s event will reveal a complete list of games that are arriving on the PS5. The event will be live-streamed on the 4th of June at 1 pm Pacific time. Sony may focus only on the games, and the company will not announce the PS5 console during this event. 

PS5 is still an enigmatic console and Sony has not revealed much about it. It has only announced the logo of the console and a few specifications of its graphics. Other than this, even insiders do not know much at the moment. 

The PS5 may come with the following features:

  • Eight Ryzen Zen 2 cores which will help gamers to play the most advanced and complex titles
  • A custom AMD GPU blessed with 10.28 teraflops which will satisfy even the most ardent gamer
  • An 825 GB SSD for all those players who like to store multiple games on their devices
  • Real-time ray tracing is possible thanks to hardware acceleration technology

What Sony’s event will likely reveal

As far as the event is concerned, Sony will discuss the games that will arrive on this enigmatic console much later. The games may include popular titles, few new ones, and quite a lot of lesser known titles that are currently unavailable internationally. Sony has quite a lot of competition to deal with, thanks to most gaming companies revving up their act. For instance, Nintendo’s list of games are quite impressive at the moment, and Sony will need to step up its act. It is for this reason that the event will focus on actual games, raters than the console. The PS5 console is Sony’s star product, which it will release much later. 

Why did Sony announce the event on June 4th?

Electronic gaming companies such as Sony are looking forward to a sporting sales thanks to people staying at home due to the lockdown. Governments have put in place lockdown measures across the world. As most people are at home, streaming entertainment and videogame companies continue to remain profitable. In addition, many VPS service providers have noted increased sales figures as well. Sony seems to have planned the event in order to ensure that people have a steady access to new titles while they stay home during lockdowns and quarantining situations.