Sleek 8-bit Jeans For The Classic Gamer

Nothing beats a classic, let alone when 2 of them combine. Jeans and gaming combine in this beautiful piece that will delight geeks all over.

Jeans and pants in general usually don’t get much attention. Granted, they don’t have as much plain surface like a tee to get a cool picture on them, or whatever, but if the space is cleverly used, magic can always happen. And these simplistic, yet recognizable 8 bit sprites might be exactly what we need to make it work.

These are the creation of GoodAsh03, and look pretty damn cool. Now, we know what you’re thinking: “sonic is 16 bits, not 8!”. Well, remember Sonic also had a couple games on the Master System besides the Genesis, so, he’s as much of a good fit as any. Also, he’s awesome and we love him, and that matters the most.

Via: On the Level Gaming

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