Intelligent Touch-Free Toilet Paper Dispenser

Toilets do not get neglected by inventors, and this Japanese touch-free toilet paper dispenser is a perfect proof of that.

Japan must be the on the first place in the world when it comes to crazy inventions. This one is not particularly crazy and could turn out to be quite useful, instead, if its settings are tweaked, a bit. Camitool, as this touch-free toilet paper dispenser is known, has been developed by Japanese company Shikoku. As robots are used nowadays in a great number of fields, some people’s fear of robot domination grows bigger and bigger. Indeed, no one would ever like his automatic toilet paper dispenser to turn against him, as things could get quite messy.

One aspect that is definitely worth appreciation is the fact that Camitool is currently used in some Japanese hospitals. Considering that in such environment hygiene is extremely important, using a touch-free toilet paper dispense is not only convenient, but also very safe. In hospitals, people with rheumatism would benefit the most from such a device, since the toilet paper dispensed by Camitool can be grabbed single-handedly. More than that, Camitool could prevent the transmission of infectious diseases in public buildings. Still, to take care of this aspect from beginning to end, Camitool should be paired with a touch-free soap dispenser and a touch-free faucet.

The length of the dispensed piece of toilet paper can be 60, 90 or 120 cm, depending on the preferences of each user. The device rolls out the paper and cuts it to the specified dimension when the user’s hand passes over the sensor found at the top. Fortunately, this device works with most types and brands of toilet paper, so there will be no compatibility issues. Camitool comes either with a plastic shelling or a wooden one. The price varies between $750 and $1,200, which might be OK for hospitals and public buildings, but a bit steep for individuals. Besides that, greenheads might not be happy about the 120 cm setting of the dispenser, as such a length is a bit of a waste.

Do you know what goes well with a Japanese intelligent touch-free toilet paper dispenser? The Sudoku toilet paper that can be found in most parts of the world now. In case this one is out of reach, there are plenty other geeky toilet paper designs to choose from.

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