A Star Wars Chess Set From A Galaxy Far Far Away

You get chess sets, and then you get Star Wars Droid Chess Sets, like the silver and gold set as designed by Rex Abergas, a 4th year Industrial Design Student at the University of Technology of Sydney.

Being a Chess lover (although in no way a Chess Master…) and having a slight fascination with Star Wars – this is one set I absolutely have to get my hands on. I’ve played on all manner of different sets, and I’d love to give this one a go to.

chess silver

Instead of the usual Black and White sides, this particular set consists of a Gold and Silver Side. Rex incorporates extraordinary detail, from the Pawns right through the Rooks and Bishops to King and Queen.

Chess gold

To start with the Pawns, they are Pit Droids and they look rather intimidating standing all proud and tall like that. Always eager to be on the front line.

chess pawns

The Destroyer droids, Droidekas, are a fine choice for Knights, in my humble opinion. Sneaky, and always aimed on completely annihilating their enemies, they fit in well with the characteristics of a Knight. Undoubtedly my favorite piece, in this set and in ordinary chess sets.

chess knights

Everybody’s favourite robot, R2D2 makes his appearance as a Rook. Short and sturdy and straight to the point, just like a Rook’s mobility.

chess rook

I’m sure the Trade Federation smiled approvingly on the Bishops being portrayed as Super Battle Droids! Fearless droids with limited independence, or limited movement in chess terms, but forceful nonetheless.

chess bishop

I had to spare a laugh when I saw the Queen as C3PO. Look, it is a shiny Sheldon from Big Bang theory! Remember the episode where they played “Guess” and Leonard remarked that Sheldon resembles C3PO. Don’t get him wrong, he is flattered; he just does not see it.

chess queen

Hailing all the way from deep within the Confederacy, we have General Grievous in the position of King to rule them all. He might be a fine example of a not backing down to anyone. But Kenobi killed him after all. Kenobi would’ve made a great king…

chess king

It must be hard choosing which characters to use for a chess set, with such a big variety to choose from. Sadly, we don’t see Han Solo, Darth Vader, or even Boba here. With any luck, Rex will create 6 different sets…

Chess silver side

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