Amazon Reportedly Has a 3D Display Smartphone In the Works

Even though rumors of an Amazon phone have been around for nearly a year, no one confirmed them till now. A Wall Street Journal report indicates that Amazon is working on a smartphone with a 3D display.

“People familiar with the company’s plans,” as WSJ put it, claimed that Amazon is looking to expand the Kindle family. I guess that Google, Amazon and Apple keep motivating each other to progress. In order to stand a chance in a new market, the Seattle e-tailer has to pack into its product features that are not common with the other manufacturers. Scrolling using only the eyes, a feature that is said to be in the next Kindle phone, has been seen recently in Samsung’s Galaxy S4. However, 3D displays that don’t require glasses are not something you get to see everyday.

A retina-tracking system would be used for generating images that seem to float on the screen. According to the aforementioned people, the images would be perceived as holograms and they could be seen from any angle. Those last three words make me feel a bit uncomfortable. Supposing that the holograms are indeed watchable from any angle, that means that the content can also be watched by other people, so… Goodbye, privacy! It’s been nice knowing ya!

Some people hope that the Kindle phone will come with two displays, an IPS one in the front and an e-ink one on the back. I don’t think this is really a possibility, but such a smartphone would definitely make heads turn. By doing such a move, Amazon would kill its e-reader line, especially if the e-ink display is somewhere near the 5″ mark, and I really don’t think it wants to do that.

What I would like to see in the Kindle Phone is the Dolby audio sound that Amazon packed in its Kindle Fire HD. The dual-band Wi-Fi, seen in the same device would also be a nice touch, especially if it’s going to be a 4G LTE smartphone.

Wall Street Journal’s report opened the gates for a new wave of rumors and speculations. Still, nothing is certain until Amazon decides to officially announce the new device. Until then, we can all list our hopes and wishes, maybe Jeff Bezos will make our dreams come true, after reading all of them personally.


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