Hulu Plus finally lands on Windows Phone, lets you go mobile

Hulu Plus subscribers get an extra way to use their subscription as the service is now ready to use on Windows Phone platforms.


Following a successful launch on Windows 8’s desktop marketplace, Hulu’s streaming service has now secured one more mobile platform for users to watch their shows from. The application made it’s debut on Windows Phone’s marketplace on May 6th where users now have the ability to stream TV shows, movies and documentaries alike on their mobile phones. This leaves blackberry’s latest OS on the list of missing platforms to be supported by the American media streaming service company. That being said, the service is also available on every major gaming console, Apple TV and several other devices that support streaming and apps.

The “Plus” subscription (running $8 monthly) lets users watch content without ads, in comparison to the free version of Hulu’s business model which is entirely ad-supported. Services like these have quickly replaced cable and satellite programming in many households as they offer a cheaper alternative with the ability to let the users decide when to watch their favorite shows, without the hassle of having to record them in advance and managing their storage units. Hulu remains the main standing competitor to Netflix, but unfortunately remains locked to US residents only, leaving International media-lovers straight out of luck.

Mobile users from the United States can now enjoy watching their favorite shows and programming from various channels backed by Hulu straight to their phones and tablets. While there are no directly supported options for those who opted for the latest Blackberry, a few workaround applications exist on the BB10 marketplace that will allow you to stream from your Hulu and Netflix account.

So stream on! Enjoy your mobile content, just don’t, you know, drive while you do it or something equally dangerous.

Source: Engadget

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