Android Users Can Finally Turn on the Dark Mode on Gmail

Google Dark Theme is now available
Image via google website

If you had been waiting for Gmail dark mode on your Android device, it is finally here. The system-wide dark theme can be activated on devices that run Android 10. While Apple’s iOS 13 supported dark mode much earlier, Google has been slow to roll it out for Android users. It is not clear why Google took time to release the dark mode on Gmail, whereas Apple has consistently made it available on a number of applications. Nevertheless, Android fans will be pleased to learn that Gmail can now be used in dark mode.

In this article, let us take a look at how you can activate the dark mode, and what the advantages of doing so are.

Here is how to turn on the dark mode on Gmail

  • Make sure that your device is running on Android 10.
  • Open your Gmail app and tap the hamburger menu. You can find this in the top left.
  • Now scroll down the page and click on Settings
  • Once you do that, click on General settings
  • You will see a list in which you must tap on Theme
  • Finally, choose Dark.
  • If you have already elected to use the dark theme as the system default, just click on System default.

There are many advantages to a darker screen. Here are a few:

  • Dark mode may help you save your battery life to some extent. This isn’t exactly proven, but many users say so.
  • This particular mode may soothe your eyes, especially at night. Many ophthalmologists and sleep specialists note that light from device screens disrupt sleep cycles and cause vision issues.
  • Some people may have an aesthetic preference towards dark mode.
  • Many people have noted that they feel anxious after glaring into bright screens, even if they happen to be their own cellphones.

Go dark now

As you can see, turning on the dark mode is not all that hard on an Android device. You just need to go to the settings and choose the right option. This will help you save battery and will probably help you sleep better too. In addition, dark mode is visually appealing and looks luxurious on certain phones. In some cases, the dark mode may even calm some people’s minds and reduce their anxiety.

Have you ever tried the dark mode on any other app? If you did, did you find it better than the regular mode? Share your views below.