Make Heads Turn with Custom Angry Birds Beanies

Since the app’s launch the previous year, Angry Birds grew to become one of the most popular iTunes downloads of all time. Now, you can have a piece of this iconic game, and wear it, too! These custom-made Angry Birds beanies are sure to help you make a geeky yet funky fashion statement.

Angry Birds Beanies

As featured on craft site Etsy, these Angry Birds beanies are adult-sized, and they come in two designs. If you’re feeling like the good guy, sport the red cardinal Angry Bird. If you’re a fan of the adversary, then opt for the green pig beanie instead. These fashion accessories will surely make heads turn, while keeping your own head warm and cozy.

Red Angry Bird Beanie

Green Pig Beanie

Using acrylic yarn, the creator crocheted and custom-made only one of each design. Careful attention was given so as to capture specific details of each character. The red Angry Bird has the signature angry eyebrows and crest feathers, while the green pig wears the embossed snout and round ears.

Because there are only two of these hats in existence, they can be great and unique novelty gifts, especially for avid Angry Birds fans.

Besides the characters from the phenomenal game Angry Birds, there are other notable figures that have been crocheted into wacky hats. Take for instance this funky Yoda hat, complete with long ears and wrinkled face. Also check out these Alice in Wonderland crochet hats featuring the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit.

But if you still can’t get enough of the Angry Birds mania, then browse through 55 Angry Birds designs, artworks, and accessories. It just comes to show the awesome number of fans already hooked on the game, and the number keeps on growing. Who knows? Experts might soon claim that Angry Birds fever can be more contagious than the bird flu.

Via: The Daily What