Super Fab Super Mario Bros Birthday Cake

Mario is  beloved icon for people ages 5-35, so it should come as no surprise that talented artisan cake decorators should choose the theme for a birthday cake.

Mario Brothers Cake

The cake is a great reference to one of the most treasured game characters of all time and it does a great job of capturing the most recognizable aspects of the games as well. Designed by Artisan Cake Company, the cake draws heavily from the very first Mario game. Naturally Mario acts as the centerpiece as he pops out from a pipe to the clouds. All around the cake are little details, which are all edible (made from fondant). There’s the 1-up mushroon, a goomba, Bullet Bill, Bomb-omb, the notorious piranha plants, the break away bricks and of course the nice shrub background that was the hallmark of the first level in Super Mario Brothers.

Mario Birthday Cake Bomb omb

The attention to detail is great, though there are a couple things that could be changed for those that want to improve upon this masterpiece. The coins should have either a single line the center or, if sticking to the original game, should have a beveled circle inside the coin. The shrubs should also have black dots instead of white for true game accuracy. Still, it’s a fairly impressive piece of work despite lacking important enemies like the koopas and flying fish.

This is a great cake for anyone familiar with this beloved character and game. What’s better, besides the Mario theme, is the fact that everything is edible, so no wasted items. A bit of a shame for those that would have wanted to collect the little figures of Mario and his many enemies as a keepsake, but the solution to this problem is to take plenty of pictures. While this particular cake is not for sale, the Artisan Cake Company can be contacted to create custom cakes for any occasion.

Mario Birthday cake Goomba

Mario Birthday Cake Wiggler

Mario Birthday Cake Back View

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