8 Ways to Use Angry Birds to Combat the Long Winter

Puxatony Phil gave those of us in the Northern Hemisphere some seemingly depressing news just 2 weeks ago when he predicted a longer winter. Don’t fear! Angry Birds are ready to help you attack the freezing cold season in these 8 cool ways.

 1. Angry Birds Hats

Keep your ears warm and hide that unhighlighted bed head with a fuzzy Angry Birds hat.


2. Angry Birds Slippers

No one likes to walk barefoot on a cold floor, but yet everyone seems to be using ice-temperature tiles in their home redesign. Combat the frostbite on your feet with a pair of Angry Birds slippers.

1, 2, 3

3. Angry Birds Ear Warmers

Need to warm up your ears but still show off your styled snow bunny ‘do? These Angry Birds ear warmers will do the trick on an unseasonally snowy day.

1 2  3

4.Angry Birds Fleece Blankets

Cuddle up with Snowball (not a snowball) or Fido on the couch and wrap an Angry Birds fleece blanket around the both of you.

1, 2,  3

5.Angry Birds Umbrella

Experiencing showers instead of snowfall? Don’t leave the house without your Angry Birds umbrella. This way, you can sing in the rain (or shake your tail feather) without getting those feathers wet.

1,  2

6.Angry Birds Scarfs

If you’re suffering from a flu or just want to keep your neck cozy in style, throw around an Angry Birds scarf and you’ll be ready to go!

1, 2 3

7.Angry Birds Socks

Before sliding on those rain boots, you’ll need a pair of socks, Angry Birds socks.


8.Angry Birds Shirts

So what, you didn’t make it to New York Fashion Week? Show off your geeky signature look with an Angry Birds shirt!